Indubitable Issues and Pull List (01/06/16)




Dean’s Recommendations …

Archie #5
“One of the best new series of 2015 continues. Join your Riverdale favorites as the drama continues between Archie, Betty and Veronica.”



FadeOut12Fade Out #12

 “This is it! The final issue. Time to find out who killed Val and why!






DoctorStrange4Doctor Strange #4

“Jason Aaron continues to create some of the best Marvel comics in the business. If you are interested in the strange and fantastic, this one is for you.”







TotallyAwesomeHulk2Totally Awesome Hulk #2
“What happens when a teenage boy has the power to change into the hulk? He goes girl crazy”
Vision3Vision #3
“Tom King is the one of the hottest new writers that brings a deeper level of thinking to every page. Vision is turning out to be a wonderful fit for the intelligent writer.”
As I’m sure you all have noticed, the pull list page is no longer present. We here at Nothing But Comics have decided to combine this weekly with the discussion of which comics we are all buying for the week. Included below is the link of our personal favorite product guide. Don’t worry, this is not an advertisement; the website is not paying us anything to push it (not that we’d object!). Comic List just happens to be totally awesome. So check out that massive list and then come on back here to let us know what you are buying.

21 thoughts on “Indubitable Issues and Pull List (01/06/16)”

  1. Star Wars Force Awakens. SPOILERS.

    Wow, Star Wars was disappointing. So a young person living on a desert planet without parents gets sucked into a conflict with an evil empire and fights the family member of a friend who has turned to the dark side (and wears a mask). At the end they destroy a space station with the capability to destroy a planet but first they have to shut it’s “deflector shield” down. The is just a remake pure and simple, except now we have old actors participating that have no chemistry or flat out weren’t enthusiastic about participating (or worse yet can’t act any more… cough carrie fisher cough..) Can someone explain to me how a stormtrooper can last ten seconds in a fight with a sith lord? and how a completely untrained force sensitive can defeat one? I suppose he could have been toying with them but that scene just devalues what a Jedi’s power is to begin with. I had high expectations because of Abrams and the mostly fantastic reviews but man what a mediocre experience. To think this is going to dethrone the excellent Avatar. I watched an episode of Orange is the New Black after Star Wars and that was much more entertaining. I can’t help but think that Hollywood has to get its act together if the movie biz is going to survive.

    1. Kylo Ren was shot in the gut… I have never been shot in the gut before but I assume that takes some of your focus away.

      1. Ya, I get that but the power he was displaying earlier was even greater than Vader’s. Why did he he not at least ATTEMPT to freeze them like he already did. Also if he was on deaths door why would he follow them. If you were him and you were dying would you leave or pick a fight? I think underestimating them is the only explanation and that is a weak one. It was just poor uninspired writing.

        1. When Luke was training with Yoda he had to stack rocks while doing a handstand. Anything that drags your focus away effects your use of the force. Can’t focus on freezing people in place when there is a blinding pain in your stomach. I have no doubt that the character of Kylo Ren would chase after Rey and Fin without stopping to think his injury may result in him losing. He is a loose cannon throughout the whole film.

          Although seems like your feelings are very strong against and that you had many more issues with the movie then just this scene. Sucks you didn’t enjoy it. Definitely in my top 3 of the year.

        2. I get what you are saying but lack of focus may stop him from being successful with that force freeze thing but I doubt it would stop him from attempting to use it. He never even tried to use his most powerfull weapon.

          The whole movie just smacks of trying to fit hours of character development into an hour and a half movie. They should have slowed this down over two movies. I hear Abrams is out in the next movie and I’m surprised and glad about that at the same time. He was great on Star Trek; I’ll give him that.

          I’m not trying to rain on your parade. You genuinely like it and that’s cool. Maybe if I hadn’t have watched all of the originals last week I wouldn’t have noticed as much.

          1. “Is out” is not exactly right. Abrams passed on directing Episode VIII several months ago. So, the choice of director for the next film was set (most likely) before anyone saw much in the way of final product for Force Awakens, Either way, my understanding is the offer was made to Abrams and he declined . . .

            1. I saw an interview where Abrams said for the first time he read a script and wished he didn’t decline the directing job. He was referring to Episode VIII.

            2. Is out means “is out”. I wasn’t implying he was fired. Semantics. I’m glad he is out regardless of who made the decision. I make no assumptions about his choice in the matter. The movie was not bad; it was safe. It is probably exactly what Disney wanted.

      2. The best part of the movie was the stealing of the tie fighter. After that, it was all down hill.

        I still don’t even know why any of the new characters IMMEDIATELY trusted each other. I mean Leia was looking at Han the same way she was looking at a girl she barely knew. These guys know each other for ten minutes and everyone loves each other? Totally forced, fabricated chemistry. When Han and Leia met they hated each other; that’s more realistic. Trust comes with time. Love comes with time.

        This was just really glaring to me because I watched the 77-83 movies back to back to back last week.

  2. Action Comics
    Sheriff of Babylon
    Bitch Planet
    Black Science
    The Fade Out
    Paper Girls
    Darth Vader
    Guardians Of Infinity
    Iron Man
    Obi Wan & Anakin
    Spider Gwen
    Star Wars
    Weird World

        1. I know, really, it feels like that’s the case every week lately. And we’ve still got more new series coming. I fear a Marvel culling may be needed come Spring . . .

          1. Last year I started the year off cutting my active titles from 80 down to 40. I did a count this year and I am back up to 80 so I am doing the same cut down to 40 and unfortunately most of the Marvel books are getting cut, like they did last year.

  3. Midnighter
    Swamp Thing
    Sheriff of Baghdad
    Fade Out
    Paper Girls
    Guardians of Infinity
    Doctor Strange
    X-O Manowar

    & Darth Vader Vol 2 trade . . .

  4. Bitch Planet #6 (Res) (MR)
    Fade Out #12 (MR)
    Johnny Red #3 (of 8)
    Last Contract #1
    Nailbiter #19 (MR)
    Paper Girls #4
    Rogues #4
    Sheriff of Babylon #2 (of 8) (MR)
    Survivors Club #4 (MR)
    Swamp Thing #1 Unfollow #3 (MR)
    X-O Manowar #43

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