Loose Ends 2/12/2015

First off; let’s hear it for all the sites that participated in Flash Appreciation Day and helped raise awareness for the Hero Initiative including our own NBC posts from Cosmo, Reed & Josh

The Guardian talks to Brian K Vaughan, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie & Fiona Staples about the explosion of indie comics

The New York Times talks to Rob Liefeld creating Deadpool

At I09, Germain Lussier chronicles Deadpools rise to popularity while talking to Liefeld in addition to co-creator Fabian Nicieza, Joe Kelly & Gerry Duggan

Asher Elebin writes about the trouble Superman has had in maintaining popularity at The Atlantic and links to our own Reed Bebe’s Man of Steel Article

Fifteen dogs that look like Peyton Manning at Barkpost

Hamilton Nolan writes about the futility of political reporting at Gawker

Matt Fraction joins Chris Ryan & Sean Fennessy to talk Coen Brothers films on the Channel 33 Podcast

Tom King goes on Word Balloon to talk about ending Grayson, The Vision, The Sheriff Of Babylon & more 


George Miller goes on NPR’s Fresh Air to talk about making Mad Max Fury Road


4 thoughts on “Loose Ends 2/12/2015”

  1. I enjoyed the Nolan article on the futility of political reporting. I’ve felt annoyance for awhile about how news sites are running the same vapid content that says the same thing: “5 Takeaways from the Democractic/Republican Debate” or “Look who won this meaningless, statistically invalid online poll!” or “Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump” or “This is what Facebook is saying American voters are concerned about.” You know what I’m concerned about? That Facebook knows what I’m concerned about!

    I would love to see these sites write in-depth articles about third-party candidates or political issues that aren’t being talked about by the major candidates.

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