Loose Ends 2/19/2016

At CBR, Joseph Illidge explores the ramifications of Deadpool’s film success and the potential it has to further diversify the X-Men filmverse in his The Mission column while Brett White get’s to the heart of what made the film work and hopes that other studios will follow suit for his In Your Face Jam

Patrick Redford writes how Deadpool works as a film by completely subverting Superhero film tropes at the Concourse

And finally, Katharine Tredacosta compiles a list of everything that was too expensive from the original Deadpool script at I09

In more comic book film news, The Guardian reports that a new algorithm gives Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice only a 32% change of making over $7 million in profit at the box office

At Panels, Troy Wiggins  lists 12 black comics artists you should be checking for

Comics Alliance did two wonderful tributes this week to Curt Swan & Art Spiegelman, written by Bernito Cereno and John R Parker respectively

At Jezebel, Kara Brown writes how trend pieces are fucking up the term Fuckboy

Kanye West released a new album this week and Kenny Keil discovered that it syncs up perfectly with Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

And for the definitive Kanye West think piece collection, Noisey compiled 41 writers to review The Life Of Pablo where they explore the album, the evolution of the artist, his annoying ass voice, his misogyny, how to clean your anus without bleach, Kanye being the Wolverine in the X-Men story, fan fiction of Taylor Swift fucking Kanye with a strap-on and more

Run The Jewels Killer Mike teams with attorney Eric Neilson to write about why rap should be protected under the first amendment & the Bell vs The Itawabama County School Board case at CNN

Jia Tolentino explores what it means to love David Bowie’s music while acknowledging his past sexually predatory behavior at Jezebel

At The New Yorker, Nicholas Schmidle does a deep dive investigation into TMZ, it’s founder Harvey Levin, their ambitions and the questionable ethics that lead to their success

On NPR’s Fresh Air, Economist writer Tom Wainwright talks about how Mexican Drug Cartels have taken on the McDonalds business model of franchising

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