Cosmo’s Gallery, 2-29-16

Nichelle Nichols Francesco fRANCAVILLA
Nichelle Nichols by Francesco Francavilla


Doctor Strange Jeff Stokley
Doctor Strange by Jeff Stokley



Magik Russell Dauterman
Magik by Russell Dauterman


Mary Jane Cliff Chiang
Mary Jane by Cliff Chiang


Hulk Ryan Ottley
The Hulk by Ryan Ottley


Huntress Yildiray Cinar
The Huntress by Yildiray Cinar


Wall-E Daniel Govar
Wall-E by Daniel Govar
Marko Rahzzah
Marko by Rahzzah


Enchantress pout Stephanie Hans
Enchantress by Stephanie Hans
Death Michael Walsh
Death by Michael Walsh


Scott Pilgrim Skottie Young
Scott Pilgrim by Skottie Young
Batgirl & Supergirl by Marcus To
Batgirl & Supergirl by Marcus To

2 thoughts on “Cosmo’s Gallery, 2-29-16”

  1. More good stuff, Cosmo. I think Death is my favorite and it reminds me I’m like 6 issues behind on East of West.

    Whenever I see a picture Wall-E I can’t help but think of Johnny-5 and this time is no exception.

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