Loose Ends 3/4/2016

We Can Never Go Home writer Mathew Rosenberg talks to CBR about his new 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank miniseries from Black Mask

Jessica Plummer picks comics for fans to get to know Elektra at Panels

Monica Johnson on how her feminism doesn’t jibe with modern feminist comics at The Comics Journal plus, perfection in the art of trolling

A look at the politics in East of West by Kieran Schiach at Comics Alliance

Tom Ley imagines all the “Dope Scenes” Ben Affleck wrote into Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice at The Concourse

A reminder of how insular that Oscars are by Eric Kohn in Indie Wire. Is #OscarsSoNarrow more apt?

On why it’s kind of healthy to have a crush while in a committed relationship and how to keep it that way by Lauren Vino on Adequate Man

Alex Pareene writes about how Gawker fooled Donald Trump into retweeting a Mussolini quote

On War Rocket Ajax’s Every Story Ever podcast, hosts Chris Sims and Matt Wilson get into an in depth discussion on The Killing Joke, why it’s important and why it’s problematic

In the latest episode of Serial, the show explores how outer forces caused the negotiations to break down in the hostage trade of Eric Bergdahl and five Taliban Leaders

Browen Dickey goes on the Majority.FM podcast to talk about going on the frightening Conspiracy Cruise and her new book on how classicism and racism plays into Pitbull discrimination

John Oliver goes in on Donald Trump as “a shitty lifestyle brand” on Last Week Tonight

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