James Bond:Black Box #1


By Benjamin Percy, Rapha Lobosco, Chris O’Halloran, Simon Bowland, John Cassaday 

James Bond is on the hunt for a data thief, but someone is on the hunt for him…

Percy gives us a decent first issue with a Bond not unlike Pirece Brosnan’s, aloof and carrying gadgets galore. With the modern setting, it’s a fitting approach. Since the current Bond movies are mostly low-tech, it’s nice to see the crazy gadgets that used to appear in the earlier Bond movies.

Starting out in the French Alps, Bond has to carry out an assassination before someone (a captivating woman) steals his kill. Bond is intrigued, but gets assigned a new mission tracking down someone whose stolen a trove of data on employees of the British government. Sent to Japan, Bond is equipped with a cool car and slick watches while the same woman from the Alps trails close behind.

Percy’s narrative voice and genre leanings are well suited to the world of James Bond, in spite of Percy’s lack of Englishness. I’m not familiar with Americans handle on James Bond, but he’s in good hands with Percy writing.

Lobosco’s art is brimming with texture and tight, cinematic scope. He makes good use of shadow and delicate lines in his style, while playing with the position of the panels to emphasize guns or tools Bond is using. He has a flair for showcasing the action, such as Bond chasing his latest conquest through the ski resort. Chris O’Halloran’s colors give a sleek layer to Lobosco’s art, with tranquil blues and vivid reds. His depiction of Toyko at night is a vision, and together they make the world of James Bond one of visual energy.

As first issues go, and the set-up of a basic Bond story (ex: Skyfall), this is a breezy one but entertaining for Bond fans. A good old-fashioned James Bond spy adventure is still a rarity in the comics game, so I’ll happily plug along for the ride and whatever’s in store for agent 007.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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