This Weeks Finest: The Mighty Thor #5

340818._SX640_QL80_TTD_by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman  & Matthew Wilson

Creating work for hire comics has a high degree of difficulty; even more so for the most popular work for hire comics. There is decades of intellectual property material that has been published at least once monthly in addition to editorial constraints. The odds are stacked against the writers and artists in doing creative and original work on Marvel comics and that’s not an indictment of the company, the intellectual property in itself or creative talent; it’s just the way it is. So when you take all that into consideration; what Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman & Matt Wilson have managed to do together in their time creating Thor comics over the span of twelve issues and how it all coalesce’s in issue #5 of The Mighty Thor is nothing short of amazing. 

The Mighty Thor #5 is the sum total of everything Aaron, Dauterman & Wilson have done together on the series in the most epic way possible. Every thread from when this creative team’s extended story comes together seamlessly and with precise execution. Aaron writes his character’s deftly with distinction and purpose, Dauterman’s visual narration comes to life in it’s fluid movement and intricate detail while Wilson’s colors give the book a vibrancy and pulse. Purely as a singular issue of a comic devoid of any larger context; The Mighty Thor #5 is a near perfect approximation of the teams time on the title while also setting up  more potential for the books future scope. But what’s more impressive about The Mighty Thor #5 and what really stands out for this issue of the series in particular is how the creative team has managed to make a Thor comic unlike any other prior. Jane Foster as Thor, civil war in Asgard, Loki’s betrayal of his adoptive mother, Odin watching his power slip through his fingers, the allegory of old power structures fighting against progress and states making questionable political compromises out of survival;  what Aaron, Dauterman & Wilson are doing here is fresh and singular to their own vision on the title while still feeling true to the spirit of the book; a book that has existed in some form on a monthly basis since the 1960’s about a character that originated from centuries old mythology. Motherfuckers have been telling the same Spawn story verbatim since the mid 1990’s and these guys have created a Thor comic full of new idea’s after over fifty years of this series that reads as if it’s a completely natural progression in spite of it being nothing like any Thor comic that came before it. It doesn’t redefine the parameters so much as expand them and it makes for a reading experience that is as refreshing as it’s familiar.

The MIghty Thor is an easy comic to take for granted; since Aaron started writing the character it’s been one of the best series in comics while Dauterman & Wilson’s excellence is more subtle and understated than the books past art talents. But The Mighty Thor has remained as special as it’s predecessor. Based on what they’ve been able to do in this issue; it might be more special then ever.

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