Loose Ends 3/11/2016

Ta-Nehisi Coates writes about Black Panther, how his love for comics influenced his journalism, learning to write for an artist, his concept for the series and more at The Atlantic

James Whitbrook explores the beautiful mess that is Elektra Assassin on I09

Joe Quinones reveals his concept art for the Batman ’89 series he pitched with Kate Leth that never was

A tribute to Will Eisner by John R Parker on Comics Alliance

Paste Magazine talks to Ron Wimberly about his new digital series Gratnin

Jim Zub and Sean Murphy twitter talks on layout collaborations & editors are collected on Storify

Former Aquaman director Jeff Nichols talks about how the franchise film model ultimately wasn’t his style while admiring it’s discipline and collaboration at Screen Crush

On the infinite and increasingly disturbing gaming culture war by Patrick Klepek at Kotuko

Jelani Cobb profiles the people behind the Black Lives Matter movement at The New Yorker

The annual Bohemian Grove summer retreat told from the perspective of the service industry and Jeb Bush not getting his milkshake by Sophie Weiner on Gawker

The greatest rap critic, Kris Ex, reviews the greatest modern rapper, Kendrick Lamar’s new Untitled Unmastered EP on Pitchfork

Stephen Messenger profiles the firefighter who saved a pitbull from a burning home, the dogs recovery, how it became the stations mascot, helped teach children about fire prevention and it’s ambitions as a therapy dog at The Dodo

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