Loose Ends 3/25/2016

Of the many early reviews panning Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Rob Havilla’s at the Conncourse is by far the funniest and most entertaining

Author and adoption activist Carrie Goldman writes an open letter to the main actress and showrunner of Supergirl praising the shows portrayal of adopted families at Chicago Now

Sean T Collns writes about parellels between Frank Castle & Don Draper in episode  four of Netflix’s Daredevil at Decider

Kieran Schiach interviews Omega Men cover artist Trevor Hutchinson about the striking design theory and the influence of propaganda posters of his art at Comics Alliance

Evan Narscisse details the evolution of politics’s and identity in Black Panther comics at Kotaku

A look at what it means for Afua Richardson to be illustrating Blade and the lack in women of color creating comics at the major publishers by Joseph Illidge on his The Mission CBR column

I09 gives their picks for the thirty funniest single panels in comics when Batman writers like to use the phrase “Boner’s” in ways you wouldn’t expect

On Comics & Cola, Kim O’Connor explains how not to be a sexist asshole when discussing comics on the internet based on her own personal experience 

Jamie Green picks the best First Second comics from each year of their existence on their ten year anniversary at Geek Dad

Metacritic ranks all the Marvel films based on their aggregated critical reviews

A tribute to Al Williamson by Patrick A. Reed on Comics Alliance

Gawker founder Nick Denton writes about the Hulk Hogan verdict and how he thinks the suit was used as a method to prevent the site from publishing more racist comments from the former pro wrestler 

At ESPN’s Truehoop, Ethan Sherwood Strauss writes about how Nike lost Steph Curry to Under Armour and examines the nuanced economics of the NBA sneaker industry 

Microsoft created an AI Twitter profile names Tay and in less then 24 hours, Twitter users made it as hateful as Twitter can get via The Verge

Carl Bialk examines the worlds most prolific Twitter user and how they managed to tweet so much in so short of time about so little at FiveThirtyEight

Chris Claremont talks his long time on the X-Men, the difference between making Marvel Comics in his era versus now and how great it is to see his work still affecting people on Rachel & Miles explain the X-Men

Gerry Conway talks creating Firestorm, writing Spiderman at nineteen years old, the X-Men film he and Roy Thomas wrote in the 1980’s and how he can’t get into writing superhero’s for television on War Rocket Ajax

Channel 33 get’s former Obama staffers Dan Pfeiffer & Jon Favreau to launch their inaugural political podcast where they discuss the primaries and their own experience on the beltway

John Oliver get’s back in Donald Trump’s ass about his stupid Mexican border wall  and proposes a much better plan for Waffle Irons on Last Week Tonight

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