Loose Ends 4/1/2016

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice murdered the box office even more then the two main characters murdered civilians and goons in the two Zack Snyder films. Kevin Melrose breaks down the numbers at Comic Book Resources

If there is still any doubt about the financial gain for comics from films, know that Batman vs Superman The Greatest Battles collection which was released in December of 2015 topped sales charts in March via ICv2

I09 has been covering the film extensively since it’s release. Charlie Jane Anders writes on why Dawn Of Justice fails in all the ways the Man Of Steel succeeded, Germain Lussier writes about how the film set’s up the larger DC Cinematic universe and Rob Briken does a FAQ about the film including answers to backlash against critical analysis of the film.

Screen Crush runs down all the rumors for Dawn of Justice that turned out not to be true

How to write a highbrow critique of Batman Vs Superman which isn’t condescending to comics¬†by Jonathan Rommney at Film Comment

Chris Sims looks at one of the sillier comic book fights between Batman & Superman in Worlds Finest #197 on Comics Alliance

On Comics Should Be Good, Brian Cronin reveals how the first meeting between Batman & Superman in comics was because of inflation

Devin Faraci writes about the damage he see’s being done to the character of Superman at Birth Movies Death and then discusses the new film along with the original Batman & Superman films extensively with film critic Amy Nicholson on The Cannon podcast

One thing we can all love that came out of Dawn of Justice is these puppies dressed as DC Comics hero’s during trivia with Ben Affleck on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

In non Batman vs Superman things, Ron Marz writes about his experience writing for double shipping comics at Comic Book Resources

Scott Snyder talks to Newsarama about his inspiration for All Star Batman and it’s All Star lineup of art talent

Rodrigo Perez writes about the challenges in making a Gambit solo film at The Playlist

Brandon Graham and Emily Carroll make their own five page Betty & Veronica comics on Brandon’s wordpress blog

Devin Faraci also writes at Birth Movies Death about the vast improvement of Daredevil in it’s second season

Tumblr user MadJanny creates a hilarious series of infographics for Daredevil Season 2 spotted via Graphic Policies Tumblr with some additional commentary about the real life Hells Kitchen

A review of the re-issued original Terminator soundtrack by Louis Patterson at Pitchfork

Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib memorializes Phife of the legendary Tribe Called Quest and how his everyman appeal changed hip hop at MTV News

The media is asking if they created Donald Trump? Albert Burneko says no and writes why this is a dumb premise on The Concourse

Jia Telentino writes about how sexual harassment is being exposed in the literary world and the profound impact it’s had¬†at Jezebel

Inkstuds talks to Gilbert Hernandez about Blubber, Charleton Comics, Catholicism and Superhero’s

Word Ballon talks with Nick Spencer about politics, Captain America, The Fix, renumbering and Dawn of Justice

Dr. Ali Mattu tells his inspirational story about how science fiction inspired his career and understand his brothers suicide  on the Psych Show

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