Updated: New Image Comics Series Announced From Remender/Opena, Brubaker/Phillips, Hickman, Chaykin & more


Updated: Series promo art is below

Image Comics held their semi-annual Image Expo today in anticipation of Emerald City Comic Con. Highlights below

ce4b64f6-7aeb-4b52-8208-2d4bfe63d57f-12fa4Rick Remender & Jerome Opena of Fear Agent, The Punisher, Uncanny X-Force & Avengers: Rage Of Ultron will team up again for a comic about a dying knight.

2eb0bf95-7113-43bc-b165-300ceb06f211-c00e4Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips & Elizabeth Breitweiser have a new ongoing series about a protagonist that has to kill to survive.

6f07e860-f64c-4474-9273-fd8b6dad51ac-0fbdeJonathan Hickman will launch a new ongoing series about magic at major financial institutions during the stock market crash of 1987

16298456-5bd1-4b38-9237-1b842e367dcb-390d562ea2ab8-29b5-458b-b6c0-a231a636b703-75604Ivan Brandon is doing two new series with Esad Ribic providing art for one & Jason Latour co-writing the other with art from Greg Hinkle & Matt Wilson.

f4d85b18-b4e7-4037-9c1a-61e6b526e418-d42c2Howard Chaykin has a new ongoing series about the post apocalypse

ce7b79d7-ad78-4ea3-a26e-e6c67853736c-ff36fFormer Batgirl team of Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart & Babs Tarr have a new ongoing with Tarr contributing on the writing for a series about motorcycle racing.

ab95748c-f407-4496-a88e-25c08affd4a9-d5d3bFormer Gotham Academy team of Brenden Fletcher & Karl Kerschl have a new ongoing series about two women on a magical Island

0abd8b04-251e-47c5-8479-6988a97551f7-4b55b (1)100 Bullet’s creators Brian Azzerello & Eduardo Risso have a new ongoing series about “gangsters & werewolves”

341cf091-93ca-40f8-9389-60e55f727db1-28c63A new series edited by former Vertigo head Karen Berger

328b2007-db6d-49d0-9742-d4b31c7be637-d2880Steve Niles & Allison Sampson on  a new series about occult Satanist.

ef8ddd15-0ef8-49a3-9825-d70e9b87e5fb-c1a2fLeila Del Duca writing a new all ages original graphic novel.

310ec4ee-1711-486b-a2f6-258eb31a9511-4fd6bJim Zub is doing a new ongoing series about a middle aged actress taking down Hollywood.

f3ccb739-1879-4a2d-bb6e-720120c7ade6-c62cbRonald Wimberly will be rereleasing his seminal Prince Of Cats

More details and announcements at CBR

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