Loose Ends 4/8/2016

At Comics Alliance, Chris Sims writes about how Batman & Robin Eternal created an incredible portrait of Robin by exploring what that meant in the macro sense

Gerard Way talks to Rolling Stone about his new DC Imprint Young Animal, his love for DC Comics of his youth, his plans for Doom Patrol & more

Benedict Cumberbatch visits MY COMIC SHOP in full Doc Strange garb via CBR

Ben Schwartz explores the double life of New Yorker Cartoonist Peter Arno in Vanity Fair

Kevin Fitzpatrick thinks that the finale of season six finally broke The Walking Dead at Screen Crush

At Spinoff, Brian Cronin explains why Zack Snyder is wrong about Batman killing in The Dark Knight Returns

Hannah Poindexer on We Rate Dogs, the worlds greatest Twitter account at Dose

On making female film directors more visible by Elena Rossini at Medium

Juliane Escobedo Shepard writes about the infamous Portland Jailblazers & the racial component in the cities rejection of the team at Deadspin

Phillip Sherburne timelines the EDM bubble bursting at Pitchfork

Vann R Newkirk II writes about the importance of Allen Iverson as an imperfect symbol for the hip hop generation after the annoucement of his hall of fame induction at The Atlantic

Greg Rucka talks to John Suitraes about why he’s going back to Wonder Woman, why he left the series and publisher originally, what it means for Black Magick and what he has planned for his second stint with the character on Word Balloon

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