What if Donald Trump tweeted about comics?

The site Politico recently examined the Twitter account of businessman and U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) from its inception in 2009 to the present. Politico notes the significance of the account: “Today, @realDonaldTrump is a force, a newsmaker, an agitator, an American political phenomenon that combines the high profile of a presidential candidate with the reach and velocity of social media. It has more than 7.5 million followers. It has tweeted more than 31,000 times. It is a thing.”

Noting the absence of tweets from @realDonaldTrump on the topic of comics, Nothing But Comics ponders what Trump might tweet about comics, were he to take an interest.

Perhaps Trump would comment on the recent nominations for the prestigious 2016 Eisner Awards:

Eisner Batman TrumpEisner Captain America Trump

Maybe Trump would tweet the inspirational quotes of comics heroes, such as WWII-era superhero Captain America:

Captain America Quote

Or, since Trump tweeted a quote attributed to WWII-era fascist dictator and foreign enemy Benito Mussolini, perhaps he might tweet the quote of a WWII-era supervillain, such as the Red Skull:

Red Skull Quote

Nothing But Comics would love to see Trump’s comments on various comics characters, such as Green Lantern, archers Hawkeye and Green Arrow, and Wakandan king and superhero Black Panther:

Green Lantern TrumpGreen Arrow HawkeyeWachovia Black Panther

Given Trump’s controversial views regarding Islam, we think that he might spotlight the controversial graphic novel Holy Terror by Frank Miller; originally conceived as a Batman story but later published by Miller using a different superhero character, Holy Terror follows protagonist The Fixer as he battles Muslim terrorists that attack his city:

Koran Holy TerrorHoly Terror Batman

Holy Terror Iran

Given Trump’s following on Twitter, we believe he would like the election concept presented in DC Comics’ Prez series, a sci-fi satire set in a future America where citizens can vote for president using Twitter:

Prez Trump

Maybe Trump would comment on DC Comics’ plans to publish a comic featuring a Chinese Superman:

Superman Chinese Trump

Would Trump express admiration for certain comics characters, such as Marvel Comics character (and 1976 presidential write-in candidate) Howard the Duck?:

Duck1Duck2Duck Carter

Would Trump use comics references to express disdain for his political rivals?:

Lying Cat TrumpWonder Twins TrumpHillary TrumpLoki Trump

Maybe Trump would tweet provocative, divisive opinions about comics:

Sex Criminals Trump

But all of this is pure speculation; although Trump uses his Twitter account to shape public opinion about various people and political topics, Trump doesn’t tweet about comics. And maybe that’s a good thing.


This article is a parody. Donald Trump and Twitter did not generate the parody tweets used in this article. Donald Trump and Twitter had no involvement in creating this article. 

The images above are the property of their respective owner(s), and are presented here for not-for-profit, parody purposes only under the fair use doctrine of the copyright laws of the United States of America.

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