Becky Cloonan, Guy Davis & Mike Mignola Cover Guillermo Del Toro

This October premiere DVD producer Criterion Collection will be releasing a deluxe box set Trilogia de Guillermo del Toro containing his debut Cronos, his masterpiece Pan’s Labyrinth as well as The Devil’s Backbone. In addition to the expected slew of special features, the set also features some stunning cover art from Guy Davis and Becky Cloonan. Mike Mignola is slated to provide a new cover for Cronos as well.

Pan's Labyrinth Becky Cloonan
Becky Cloonan

The Devil's Backbone
Guy Davis



For more info, see The Criterion Collection


7 thoughts on “Becky Cloonan, Guy Davis & Mike Mignola Cover Guillermo Del Toro”

  1. “his masterpiece Pan’s Labyrinth as well as The Devil’s Backbone” THE DEVILS BACKBONE IS A MAStERPIECE AS WELL COSMO!!!!!!!!!!!! For real tho I thought Mignola did the art on Devils Backbone & Cronos for Criterion already

    1. Still need to see Devil’s Backbone & Cronos actually. I’ve got a few gaps in my Del Toro viewing . . .

      Mignola did cover art already for Cronos, but Criterion is claiming that he’s doing new cover art for the upcoming box set . . .

      1. I watched Crono’s recently, it’s aight but no Pan’s/Devil. I’m pretty sure he did the cover art for Devil’s Backbone as well for the Criterion collection as I almost bought the Blu-Ray copy for partially that reason but I could be wrong. Think I’ll def be copping this box set tho

          1. I’ve always been curious about Cronos and would like to check it out someday. I’ve seen the lead actor before (Frederico Luppi) and liked him . . .

            1. Ya Cronos isn’t terrible but in today’s flood of great TV it’s a pitty not to use that 2 hours to watch something great. Like what I’m watching right now: 20 seconds of a bulldog pup licking a babies face… Or the 20 second follow up of a kindergarten graduation where 5 year olds are told to say what they want to be when they grow up. S Kumar’s answer: Batman. 40 seconds well spent.

      2. Mignola did the art for Cronos when the Criterion first came out years ago. Guy Davis did the art for Devil’s Backbone and Becky Cloonan did the art for Pan’s Labyrinth. The Blu-Ray boxset has new art by a Russian artist and Guy Davis did new art for the DVD slipcase of the same 3 movies.

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