Cosmo’s Gallery, 7-18-16

John Constantine Mike Henderson

John Constantine by Mike Henderson

Wonder Woman Chabe Escalante
Wonder Woman by Chabe Escalante
Batman Rafael Grampa
Batman by Rafael Grampa
D&D&D character commision Tom Fowler
Dungeons & Dragons & Doodles kickstarter commission by Tom Fowler
Winter Soldier Kevin Wada
Bucky Barnes, The Winter Selfie by Kevin Wada
Ramona Flowers Skottie Young
Ramona Flowers by Skottie Young
Catwoman Steve Rude
Catwoman by Steve Rude
Usagi Yojimbo Evan Doc Shaner
Usagi Yojimbo by Evan “Doc” Shaner
Z Berg Sina Grace
Z Berg by Sina Grace
The Spirit Steve Lieber
The Spirit by Steve Lieber
Spider-Man Marco Rudy
Spidey by Marco Rudy

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