Episode Thirty One With Special Guest Karl!!!!!!!!

Warlord 042-05 The guys bring on the NBC pod #1 super fan Karl!!!!!!! Dean & Pat then pull comics out of their collection and have Karl guess the contents based on it’s covers. Shit gets weird & wild. Also, Alex plays video games on his computer. Check out the covers belowBatman_434









12 thoughts on “Episode Thirty One With Special Guest Karl!!!!!!!!”

    1. Ha. It wasn’t me but it should have been. Locke and key is awesome. New issue coming out soon! Gabriel R. Is maybe my favorite artist. N0S4A2!!!! Way better than horns. There is a company called Skelton Crew that made all the keys from Locke in Key in highly detailed life size metal and I bought each one as it came out… And then I moved and somehow some gremlin stole half my keys. So now I have half of the keys?? 😦 I’m still looking for the other half….

      1. Dude! My girlfriend just bought me the ghost key for Christmas and the shadow key for my birthday. So cool!

  1. I’m conflicted about Halloween 3 too. J.C. Amazing scores… Agree. I saw that movie at like 10 years old with nobody home living in a house with big windows and no blinds with just a forest and cornfields around our house. It made me pee a little in my pants.

    Mario Kart rocks. 9! Coming soon. The Super Mario games are all still awesome. Donkey Kong too. Fun not work. I remember Ghosts and Goblins…? Turtles iT .. Game overload.

  2. Dawn of the Dead and 300 are good… I liked Watchmen. I thought Man of steel was ok … Batman VS Superman was Terrible. Suicide Squad… Two words .. Margo Robbie. Can’t wait for Iron Fist… Haven’t seen the trailer though.
    I kind of think that the Eisners are too predictable.. Prefer the Harvey’s .. I can’t disagree with those picks though. The Marvel Star Wars comics are Amazing… Gems… Mmmmmm the last issue of walking dead… Naughty Negan. I didn’t see that coming.

  3. Shout out back Pat. You gotta listen to episode 173 of the I am Rapaport podcast “diary of a mad fan” It’s hilarious. It’s pre game and immediate post game commentary of game 7 of the NBA finals with M Rapaport against Cleveland with his cohost and his guest Wood Harris (of the Wire) rooting for Cleveland. You can ignore the two NBA analyst interviews but everything else is sooooo funny. Rapaport was talking shit about Lebron on the podcast for months And he sounds physically sick after the game..LOL. It’s maybe the best single podcast episode I’ve ever listened to.


    1. Best Rapaport quote of the cast… “I hope that the Cleveland fans don’t burn the city down after the game ……. There’s barely anything there to begin with.” Ha..

  4. Oh and Dean, thanks for the Peaky Blinders recommendation. I love that show. I’m on the last episode of season 3. I like this small season format. No need to have 13-25 episodes a season and drag scenes out.

  5. I was sorting comics the other day and showed that Daredevil #247 cover to my wife and suggested that Netflix should get Scarlet Johansson to guest star in an episode of Daredevil that was completely built around them fighting gators in the New York sewers.

    I got a blank stare in response . . .

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