Podcast Episode Thirty Two

_20160728_193407 Episode thirty two of the podcast. I wasn’t on this one so I have no idea what they’re talking about. I know the comics they were planning on talking about were PredatorvsJudge DreddvsAlen, Batgirl, Jupiter’s Legacy, Future Quest, Wonder Woman & Weird Detective. Did they like the books? What were they drinking? Does Alex just play video game? It’s a mystery that you can only find out by listening…..

17 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Thirty Two”

  1. Oh fantastic opening. I love synthetic music … Trap and dubb step and all that. I’ll have to check out that app.
    Knives eh? I love Milwaukee… Used to go to summer fest there. Guinness on the other hand I hate unless someone’s making “car bombs”. I prefer my beer to taste as close to water as possible. Dredd movie is great… You guys should track down the Dredd original run … It’s classic comics. Lots of weird kind of dark humor in it, very different from both movies.

  2. Ya, Batgirl is fun like the new 52 version was. I just think of “girls just wanna have fun” when I think of the comparison with that and Batman. It’s a good book but I do kind of miss Babs as Oracle when she was part of Birds of Prey. She was on a team for a while with Black Canary. It was interesting watching a disabled hero (in a wheel chair post killing joke) and seeing that real heroes due things despite limitations and not because they have power. She led the team from a computer and she was in some ways a more compelling character back then. Still, a walking and kicking Batgirl is great as well.

    1. Totally agree about Oracle. I have missed Oracle. Say what you will about Hush, it was my introduction to Oracle and I will always love it for that… also I will always love it cause it’s fucking awesome!

        1. “Irreplaceable” Good point, she had some serious job security as Oracle in a world where switching costumes around with people seems to be a way to sell comics. She gets her back fixed but now her role is more susceptible to replacement. It’s tough to get a win win these days am I right?

          1. Ya, there were other Batgirls and will be again. Really a ton of Bat people now who are getting redundant. Oracle never would have been sidelined for an “all new chrome wheelchair hamster Oracle”. You’re right most of the time Canada.

  3. I liked the Gone Girl book quite a bit but I do agree that I don’t like “switcheroo” kind of plots or Characters unless they are honestly presented. If the author is purposefully misleading me or hiding something in an inconsistent or clumsy manner I normally get pretty upset during “the big reveal”. If “the dinner” isn’t cherry picking personality traits to show the reader to steer the reader into jumping to the wrong initial conclusions I wouldn’t mind it. Gone Girl does that well “Girl on a train” does it horribly. It takes a lot of skill to slowly reveal insidious characters without giving the reader that “cheated” or manipulated feeling. I’ll put “the dinner” on my list, thanks.

    In the Heart of the Sea I saw in theaters. I didn’t know it was a novel. It was pretty good. I like survival stories. Truth can be stranger than fiction (and more exciting). Books that deal in accounts of life or death situations can be fantastic. There are a bunch of Arctic explorations ones that read as exciting as any fiction books. Even “Into The Wild” is fantastic and books like that are just made more compelling because you can really place yourself in the characters shoes in a way that is not possible with many fictional characters. “In The Kingdom of Ice” and “Endurance” are both fantastic books about Arctic exploration tragedy, triumph and survival. One is about an American exploration and the other is about a Brit one; both are great. I’m sure “in the heart of the sea” has these elements as the movies survival depiction was the best part of it. Non fiction is really worth trying sometimes.

    1. Dinner does a great job of the switcheroo, because there is no switcheroo moment. You can’t point a finger at the moment you decided you weren’t totally on the narrator’s side. You just know it must be in there somewhere.

        1. Also Girl on a Train is next up on my reading list. So I’ll have to let you know how that goes in a couple weeks.

    2. I’m of two minds about the twist in Gone Girl, which more or less sums up my overall opinion of the book. Taken simply as a plot device in a well-told thriller, it works and I didn’t see it coming.

      However, it undercuts any arguments that Flynn is writing some sort of feminist, social critique. Now the book doesn’t have to be deep, it can simply be a fun read. Others though have tried to claim that it amounts to more than it is . . .

      For me, the movie is a faithful adaptation of the book: an enjoyable well-oiled thriller, but no amazing piece of cinema.

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