New Star Wars Rogue One Trailer

Lord Vader has returned. Fleetingly for now, but damn . . .

Last night, during the Olympics, Disney premiered the second trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film Rogue One. Like the first it emphasizes the gritty, war style which director Gareth Edwards has said was his intention. Also it gives viewers a better taste for the other Rebels which will be making up Jyn’s squad, including a first look at the new droid.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, directed by Gareth Edwards, opens December 16th.


13 thoughts on “New Star Wars Rogue One Trailer”

  1. The music gave me chills. This looks fantastic.

    I was just thinking the other day that somehow I’ve turned to the Dark Side and become more of a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fan. Star Trek however has never given me chills so maybe my fall to the Dark Side is not yet complete.

    1. You know, I’ve been known to joke about the reverential treatment John Williams gets from his peers, but when he’s at the top of his game, he’s written some fantastic scores. Both of those themes gave me chills as well and have been running through my mind all day . . .

      Oh and the movie itself looks great. Have high hopes for this one . . .

      1. Ya NPR had some scientist on a few months back talking about how certain musical sounds actually make some weird connection to the fear emotion creating feelings In similar ways that things like roller coasters can. I forget the details but certainly music like this (along with history) connects with something deep in our primate brains. Ya Williams used to get more respect from me in the past but this trailer music really seems inspired. Did he do ET as well? Anyway, ya this looks like it may be a gem.

        1. Yes, Williams scored ET. Basically, if it’s a Steven Spielberg film you can safely assume that Williams did the score. (There are exceptions such as last year’s Bridge of Spies). ET is also one of Williams’ five Oscars (another is for the original Star Wars). At a total of 50, he has the second most nominations ever (behind Walt Disney). Which is why I sorta roll my eyes at yet another nod from the Academy. If Episode IX turns out to be his final Star Wars score, I would hate to be whoever goes up against him for an Oscar that year . . .

          That said, the man can write some fabulous music and is responsible for some of the most iconic film scores ever (Jaws, Star Wars, ET, Indiana Jones). He’d earned his rep.

              1. Oh ya? I’m a big fan of “pops” music. It really makes me happy. I once went on a canoe trip with pops music playing the whole time. It was great, made me think I was inside a Disney movie or something.

        2. However, I looked up the credits for Rogue One and to my surprise, Williams is sitting this one out, which means it’ll be the first live action Star Wars movie he has not scored. That said, the music in the trailer did include some of his signature themes for the franchise.

          Scoring Rogue One will be Alexandre Desplat, who has been a rising talent. In particular he did some great work for Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox & Grand Budapest Hotel. His subtle atmospheric music for Zero Dark Thirty was noteworthy as well. So we should be in good hands music-wise.

          Now crediting music in a trailer can be a tricky business, as the score is traditionally one of the last elements to be completed. Which is why I assumed they were simply pulling preexisting Williams work . . .

          1. I didn’t see fox but I liked Grand Budapest Hotel (can’t remember the music atm). Well, regardless this trailer music does seem like it has been updated with a fresh perspective. If the whole film sounds like this then they picked the right person for the job.

  2. Forest looks cool as hell in this as well. The theme of the trailer seems to speak to the chaos being stirred up in our world right now too. Call it ISIS or call it hate or call it Trump or call it The Empire. It should be stamped out.

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