Podcast Episode Thirty Four

image Just Dean & Pat this week to talk about the comics as Alex was ill from some combination of Pat’s singing and the micro-brew beer’s he’s been drinking. The guys talk about the excellent Black Monday Murders, The Vision, Black Panther, All Star Batman, Deathstroke and all the usual inanities

5 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Thirty Four”

  1. Vision is a great comic. Love it. I’m 6 months behind you guys on it and I’m glad that it’s still really good.

    As far as All Star Batman goes it is definitely going to be very different from the Capullo collaboration. I listened to an interview with Capullo early in the Batman Snyder run and he bragged about dressing down and getting aggressive with Snyder. Capullo had a lot of control of that book and probably much more than JR JR. Capullo is a great artist and a bit of a meat head. He talked about the first scripts that Snyder sent him and how he forced Snyder to cut “excessive dialogue and atmosphere direction”. Anyway JR JR is an acquired taste. I hated his art for a long time before I started loving it.

    Secret Life of Pets literally put all the good scenes in the trailer. I thought it was OK but disappointing. I haven’t seen Suicide Squad but there is something to be said about Disney’s recent domination of positive reviews on all genres of movies. I generally agree with most reviews but the amount of high marks Disney movies get are a little bit suspect.

    1. Yeah, I love early Romita Jr from the late 80s/90s, especially his Daredevil work. His current style though, I find lacking personality. It’s too smoothed out; Also, it feels rushed a lot of the time.

      1. I’ll be happy when the next artist takes over All-Star — that is if this story can keep me coming back at $5 a pop . . .

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