Podcast Episode Forty: The Stephen King Special


Since Alex has been reading just Stephen King and not much else while Dean’s barely read any of the author’s work, we decided to go back to episode 31’s formula with Stephen King books. Alex shows the cover of the novel, Dean guess’s the content and Patrick swears he isn’t falling asleep. Covers and Christopher Walken pics below

35 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Forty: The Stephen King Special”

  1. So I’m all ready to move… packing up my stuff and planning to look for a new place in November and what great luck I have. A hurricane is bearing down on me. Pray for…

    my comics dudes. If I believed in a god, i would be really pissed off right now. There hasn’t been a hurricane to hit the north east coast of Florida for 50 years! D day is tomorrow 11pm. I’m 8 miles from the ocean. If I never type another word it’s because I went down with my comics 🙂

    If I don’t die, I’ll still be pissed because I’ll have November 8th to look forward to (a date that is both too soon and too far away at the same time). What fun. Where is Superman when you need him?

          1. Well I survived but I can’t leave my house because I have three big trees blocking my driveway. Nice!!!! Luckily I have a tiny chainsaw. Should take me a week to cut my way to civilization. I called a tree guy but didn’t get an eta…

            1. Yeah, I’m a little late to the party, but I just wanted to add that I’m glad you’re okay. Could have been much worse. They could have found you buried beneath a mountain of comics. What a way to go.

              1. Ya. Thanks. I finally was able to get my car on the street yesterday. All Wheel drive! Was tricky. I had to drive thru mud up a hill and then I went to wallmart and bought a big chain saw. Driveway is clear of trees now. “If you can’t do it yourself it probably won’t get done”.

                I actually have comics stacked up in the living room for pre boxing so I quite literally could have died covered in comics. North Carolina looks bad ;(.

                One of these days ill find the time for the Stephen King podcast. I’m interested to see what you guys have to say about his fantastic work and he wrote a werewolf book? How did I not know that?!?

  2. That blind cover book description is comedy genius. Did you guys invent that? Fucking hillarious. The world needs more blind cover book descriptions!

    I just finished the Deadzone a few months back.

    1. Thanks man! I came up with it a little while ago. I thought it would be cool to have a podcast that was just dedicated to that. For now though we will live with slipping it in here and there.

    1. Yeah it was really good in that first volume switching between Snyder and King. You could definitely see the tonal difference of the two but instead of having one part of the story stand out as far better it actually worked to highlight each writers strength. It was a cool time for that book… fast forward to last year where the vampires were in space… how far that book has fallen… or floated?

      1. Ya, I know an American Vampire anthology is coming out and I’ll probably try that next year some time but as much as Snyder is a really good comic writer (sometimes great), comparing him to King is really jarring. It’s like with Gotham Central with Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka writing; as much as Greg is one of my favorite writers Ed makes Rucka look bad on that book.

  3. I’m listening to the cast as I’m doing my disaster tour on the super rich peoples beach. It looks like occupy wall street tore through on a sight seeing tour. Stairs to the beach? We don’t need no stinking stairs to the beach.

      1. Yeah, I just found that out a week or so ago as well. I’ve got the first three episodes waiting on my DVR — looking forward to watching them — have high expectations . . .

  4. Ha! Shelly Duval and Jack in the Shining remind me of my mom and dad while I was growing up. I though it was a documentary of my life minus the ghosts and super powers. I shit you not.

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