NYCC Podcast Special Episode Four


In today’s podcast, we talk to Juan Ferreyra, Matthew Rosenberg, Stephanie Hans & Marco Rudy; comics pro’s whose distinct voice and aesthetic remains across the many books they do no matter what they are. Click below for the audio and more on the interviews

Picture of process pages from Juan Ferreyra's table
Picture of process pages from Juan Ferreyra’s table

Juan Ferreyra is one third of the dynamic art team on the excellent Green Arrow ongoing with Otto Schmidt and Stephen Byrne. Even though his illustrations differ from the Schmidt & Byrne’s more cartoonish style, it’s undoubtedly striking and still manages to fit within the series aesthetic. We talk with Juan about working with multiple artists on one title, his illustration technique, coloring his own work using watercolors and more. We then have an extended conversation with writer Matthew Rosenberg of 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank and Civil War II: Kingpin. Matthew talks about getting a chance to work with Tyler Boss on 4 Kids after knowing one another for a number of years and how the artist adds to the scripts to make the book so imaginative. We then discuss his work on Kingpin and some of the unique story choices for his upcoming Rocket Raccoon series with Marvel. We close out by talking about Matthew’s experience working with Ghostface Killah and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan on the 12 Reason To Die series that he wrote and talk about the importance of influence outside of the comics medium.

Stephanie Hans get’s into her most recent work on The Wicked + The Divine. She tried to get Kieron Gillen to come over and speak about the book but Jamie McKelvie makes a cameo instead. We get into some of her art choices that she made on the issue in addition to what she uses to create her unique style of comics, the crappy paper stock of blank cover variants and one of her biggest French comics influences before she teases an upcoming DC project which is most likely her guest issue of Batman. We close out the pod with Marco Rudy in a wide ranging conversation about his storytelling style and the different collaborations he’s had as a comics artist. Marco describes the logic behind his visual narrative choices and teases out a couple pitches he has with writer Frank Barbierie at Marvel & Image. He also reveals that he reads Freeze Frame!!!!

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