Cosmo’s On The Case Exclusive: The Meeting Rick Famuyiwa Quit The Flash Film

cosmoonthecaseIn addition to his excellent writing and analysis, our own Cosmo is also a secret comic book industry insider. While on the case, Cosmo recently discovered a transcript of the conference that ultimately led director Ruck Famuyiwa to quit the upcoming Flash live action film. Click below for a view behind the curtain of the cut throat comics industrial film complex

Scene: Warner Brothers Conference Room

Rick Famuyiwa: So that’s my revised story proposal.
Geoff Johns: Hmm, that doesn’t really match anything from my run.
zacksnyderZack Snyder: And it’s clearly not dark and gritty enough.
Famuyiwa: All due respect Zach, but not every superhero needs to be–
Random Warner Brothers Executive: Right, look at our success with Suicide Squad.
Famuyiwa: Not sure if that’s the best counter example–
Snyder: Barry Allen’s all about his dead mother, right? What’s not dark about that? Hey, Geoff can we retcon her name to Martha?
Johns: Not sure, I’d have to check with Dan.
dan-didioDan DiDio: That’s cool.
Johns: Hey, I told you, you could listen but had to be a silent observer.
Patty Jenkins: Like Wonder Woman at the UN . . ?
an-interview-with-patty-jenkins-20040528011350275Johns: Why’s she on this call?
Studio Exec: Warners is trying to qualify for Title IX funding . . .
Famuyiwa: I think that we’re getting off topic here . . .
Johns: Indeed, let’s revisit my Flash run — luckily I carry the omnibus set with me for such eventualities.
45825720150329_181144-800x800aFamuyiwa: Actually you gave me those for Flash Appreciation Day earlier this year.
Johns: Excellent.
Studio Exec: By the way, I got confirmation that Margot is in for playing the villain in Flash.
Famuyiwa: I thought we were going with the Trickster?
Studio Exec: Yeah, well, we figure Harley’s a close enough approximation of the character.
Snyder: And Leto was tied up with the Korean leg of his band’s tour, so he was out.
Studio Exec: Actually Margot tested better anyway.
Jenkins: Just for the record will we actually be getting to my Green Lantern/Star Sapphire pitch this time? Or is this going to be another meeting sidetracked by Geoff going on about how awesome Wally West is and why aren’t we just making a movie with him instead of Barry Allen?
giphyFamuyiwa: That’s it. Screw this. I’m done.

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