Preview: Ms Marvel #13 Says To Go VOTE!!!!


Because we at NBC are not trying to have a moronic fascist lacking the cursory base level knowledge of civic government functions, current events, economics or basic tenants of reality as our President for the next four years.

Let’s not make America a dumpster fire again!!!

Details, preview pages and press release below

Marvel Comics’ “Ms. Marvel” Encourages Everyone to Vote  Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel wants YOU to Embiggen Your Voice


New York, NY—November 4, 2016— It’s election season in the United States and Marvel wants to remind everyone that they have one of the greatest powers there is – the ability to vote! And who better to champion this ability than Marvel’s breakout Super Hero, Ms. Marvel.


Today, Marvel Comics is proud to debut an exclusive first look to MS. MARVEL #13, spotlighting Ms. Marvel’s quest to encourage everyone to vote this Election Day. Written by G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel, A-Force) accompanied with artwork by Mirka Andolfo, MS. MARVEL #13 finds Kamala Khan at the start of a new chapter in her life and as she begins this journey of discovery, Ms. Marvel takes to the streets of her home town, Jersey City, to encourage all its residents to summon their own super power – the right to vote!


Can Ms. Marvel inspire and encourage her neighbors to select their candidate, or will this be more challenging than taking down Ultron? Find out this November in MS. MARVEL #13 and check out Marvel’s exclusive preview to witness Kamala Khan’s march to encourage everyone to get out and vote.


  1. MARVEL #13 (SEP161032)

Written by G. WILLOW WILSON  Art by MIRKA ANDOLFO Cover by JOELLE JONES  Divided We Stand Variant Cover by TBA (SEP161033)

FOC – 11/07/16, On-Sale – 11/30/16

39 thoughts on “Preview: Ms Marvel #13 Says To Go VOTE!!!!”

  1. Hmm, that splash page seems to have subtle nod to Eugene Delacroix’s painting Liberty Leading the People.

    Could just be me though . . .

  2. Are we still saying that Europe is more racist than the USA? He won the white vote in every age including college educated. I’m reasonabley certain that someone yelled “hang Obama” during Trumps acceptance speech. Very disappointing. James Carvel said it best… this is what America thinks of minorities.

    1. By the way, his acceptance speech was all about calming the financial markets down because that is what is important to politicians. Outsider? Maybe… but it will be insiders running the country. If I were Hillary I would turn my back on the American people and go enjoy the rest of my life.

    2. “Are we still saying that Europe is more racist than the USA”
      Yes although that doesn’t make America not racist. Also of note, Hillary is leading in total votes meaning as of what we know right now the majority of American voters did not vote for the presidential elect however small that margin might be

      1. Honestly, I think that quantifying who is “more” racist is counterproductive. The important point is that there are global trends at work here. They might take different shapes based on individual countries’ specific historical experiences, but they share traits. Root causes need to be examined both locally and globally . . .

        1. My mother was in bording school and then made a life in the U.K. from the 50s to the 80s. She has not one single story of racial teasing or descrimination. Britain at least is more nationalist than racist in the modern era. The 60s folks! She felt like a Brit in the 60s. I may add that I’ve lived all over America and traveled all over both America and Europe. I’ve spent time in all 48 continental United States. I grew up next to corn fields. I know America…

          Also for the massive portion of America that is sensitive about being called a racist or a Bigot or even prejudice. I say to that, why are you so upset? Don’t you tell the people that you call Rapists and Murderers, Criminals, Animals, Terrorists and Thugs to not take things to heart. There are much MUCH worse things to be called than racists.

          Of course im not including you guys in this.

            1. Ya, I understand that. That’s good. I wish she had of recognized how a certain segment hated her and just passed the baton though. I think any other democrat would have beat him but who knows.

              1. I’m not sure anybody was prepared for how the Trump campaign was able to buck so many political conventions but during the time and especially now in retrospect, I really wish the Democratic primary had actual candidates instead of it being Bernie Sanders vs the Hillary Clinton coronation tour.

                1. Ya, there weren’t many options. Biden had a series of major family tragedies and Clinton used her power to keep the primary lanes wide open for her. I think democrats felt they needed to be loyal to Clinton. I would be happy to have her as president and probably no one is more qualified but this is a big mess now.

        2. Well it’s a pretty simple analysis to see that Europe was badly affected by the financial crisis that largely originated in American banks with zero regulation. Now the destabilization of the Middle East directly related to American nation building, illegal invasion of a sovereign country and pulling out mostly because of political expediency has played a big role role in europe’s migrant crisis. Of course Isis is to blame and Europe’s right wing is to blame but if there were no financial crisis, no Iraq war, no climate change? No Alt. Right ascendancy.

          1. Perhaps too simple. You fail to take into account long term, regional factors such as Europe’s ugly history of Antisemitism or the legacy of US’ institutional racism from slavery to the present.

            Not saying your statements are wrong, just that there is more at play than the recent recession . . .

            1. Of course. The Europeans were horrible to Jewish people for 2000 years. Every book I read on English or French historical figures eventually involves something equavelent to a pogram. It is why I question why people separate Hitler from the Austrian and Bavarian people. Hitler was representative of the people he grew up with. The Germans are now a model for how to learn from mistakes though. I think Merkel may be more disturbed by Trump than we are.

      2. This electoral college is so damaging to the country. I once explained it to a conservative friend of mine who said that his vote doesn’t count. It was a strange conversation because he pretended not to understand. Yes, his vote didn’t count but so many liberals also don’t get their votes counted in every state that normally votes red and how many people in California just don’t vote because they think they’ve already won. How many people in all the major cities who would vote liberal just don’t vote because they feel their state is already won. The big cities are at a disadvantage to rural America. Now when the brain drain happens and racial descrimination ramps up red states may get more red and blue states more blue.

        1. The journalist Peter Hessler lived in China for several years, including 2000. He was repeatedly asked by Chinese friends and associates to explain the Electoral College so that they could understand what was going on with the Florida recount. He could never manage that task successfully.

          (Incidentally, if anyone wants an understanding of contemporary Chinese culture and its roots in the past, recent & ancient, Hessler’s book Oracle Bones is a must read).

          And yes, the Electoral College should be abolished but it’s very unlikely to happen.

    1. The optimistic answer: with charisma, as he would a business partner . . .

      The pessimistic answer: with brusque arrogance

      The honest answer: have no ******* idea . . .

    1. Well, that would be a shame, as I would never wish anyone to make such a broad dismissal based on my beliefs. One of the major problems in this country is the lack of civilized dialogue between differing viewpoints. The last lesson to draw from this election is that one faction or another should withdraw even further from such discourse. We need to be able to acknowledge that the majority of people, regardless of political views, are three-dimensional individuals. Simply writing off whole segments of the population as too deplorable for consideration is one of the reasons we are where we are today. Making snap judgments out of anger is easy — we all do it. However, we need to be able to step back, not tweet our initial gut reactions and maybe somehow try to locate those mythical better angels of our nature. Otherwise, we’re pretty much screwed to be stuck in this loop ad infinitum.

      And I would direct this plea to both sides of the aisle equally.

      1. You are 100% correct. But I see the look in my 70 year old mothers face and that means I’m done. Me personally I’m done. This is really bad for the people that try to bridge the gap because the trust is gone. I thought for a second that maybe if Trump and the Republican led congress make a bunch of obvious blunders then people may learn their lesson but if we learned anything from the disaster that is still unfolding from baby Bushes tenure then we know that people that voted for Trump will just deny that their candidate has made even the most obvious of mistakes.

        1. “people that voted for Trump will just deny that their candidate has made even the most obvious of mistakes”

          Then Trump’s supporters will accuse Obama’s supporters of the same hero-worship mindset and there we go back into the endless loop once again . . .

          As I said somehow this cycle needs to be broken or we’ll continue spiraling down further and further into bitterness. Yes, I’m angry, but that anger needs to harnessed into positive forces not negative.

          1. That’s why I’m not freaking the fuck out yet. The reality is, we very little evidence as to what Trump’s policy will be outside of the boiler-pot republican shit that they’ve been bitching about for 8 years. His own thoughts were rarely coherent or consistent in any meaningful way. Most likely, I think he’ll just be a puppet of the parties congress but based on last nights results, I don’t know shit so……

          2. I don’t think the hero worship is equal. I myself have criticized Obama plenty in a reasonable manner. I don’t think he reacted great with the Florida oil spoil, I mostly joked about him not protecting wolves (mostly…), he fucked up on Syria and Iraq but so would have anybody both Republican and Democrat. Selling more arms to Saudi Arabia? I’m not sure if that is even his decision? Still that should be stopped.

            The affordable care act (which obviously needs work), The Iran deal and kind of bridging the gap in race relations I commend him for. Stabilizing the country after the financial crisis is to be commended. Saving GM etc.

            All of the many conservatives I have known refused to say anything bad about G W Bush for a decade and then some of them began to admit that he wasn’t great. They didn’t really turn on him until Trump did but they voted for both of them so I don’t get it. How were they so tight lipped about Bush before Trump opened his mouth, and if they agree with Trump then how do they reconcile that they voted for Bush?

            1. I’m done with trying to apply the basic tenants of logical reasoning for people that clearly do no subscribe to it.

              1. Yep. Well I have to thank you guys for helping me see the light in a kind of scary place in the deep south here. You guys have lifted my spirits quite a few times and I haven’t thanked you enough. So thanks.

              2. But Pat, wasn’t that the kind of broad dismissive thinking towards a large chunk of the country which made it easier for Trump to win in the first place . . ?

                Also, again, many conservatives would probably say the same thing about us.

            2. My point wasn’t whether the hero worship on either side was equal, but that each side of the aisle keeps reading the same fault into the other. Debates at times seem to devolve into a schoolyard-esque, “I know you, but am I?” mentality . . .

              We lack empathy in our civics — both sides need to be better in looking at an issue through their opponents’ eyes. Doesn’t mean you agree, but you can try to understand where they’re coming from . . .

              1. I appreciate that thought process as you know but it seems to me that all of the horrible stuff said by Trump is near proof that the other side is doing little or no thinking of what it is like to walk a mile in anyone else’s shoes. Many of them want to believe bad things about minorities… really bad stuff like minorities want to murder us. Calling them possibly rascist or likely bigots does not even compare. Calling them stupid for quoting falsehoods and being willfully duped by websites run by Steve from his moms basement is also not even close to what they have endorsed with a Trump vote. I know multiple people that believe illegals are mostly drug dealers and murderers which takes a mammoth lack of understanding and empathy for your fellow man. To not understand that most people from here or from anywhere just want work to feed their families and to improve their lives is strange to me. Liberals may be intellectually arrogant but Conservatives in America are morally arrogant (with no leg to stand on now).

                1. So what of compassion? What about trying to find a way to address some of the root causes, such as economic unease, instead of writing off these voters as deplorable? Hateful speech should be strongly condemned, of course, but there is more going than just that . . .

                  1. Ya, I just told my mom not to say red neck … so I get what you are saying and agree. Saying deplorables was stupid but again deplorables pales in comparison to calling people MOSTLY murderers and rapists when that isn’t remotely close to the truth. We lost this election because we allowed there to be a comparison between Clinton and Trump. There is no comparison. One lies like a politician does and one lies pathologically. One has vague impropriety surrounding her and one straight up says yes I’m an asshole and that makes me smart. They literally picked a guy that admits on camera that he is an asshole over the woman who MAY or may not be a jerk. “Maybe” they didn’t do a good job he says about paying his workers… if they didn’t do a good job you would say they didn’t, not maybe while slyly smirking. And then there is him being PROUD about not paying taxes and grabbing pussies. It is one thing to do bad things it is entirely another to be so righteous as to brag and joke about those things. Trump makes this a special case… the criticism of him is not vague. During my basketball playing days I watched how people would surround the weakest players like vultures around a corpse and I always came home with bruises on my ribs. I shouldn’t be surprised that assholes respect an asshole. The whole world is filled with them. I think the world is hovering at 60 percent asshole at the moment.. ha I hope people start calling me an animal soon .. I’ll take that as a compliment because humans blow donkey balls.

  3. In some ways I’m more concerned about Pence and the Breitbart King makers than Trump. Before Trump’s acceptance speech he and Milania had looks of pain, fear and worry in their facial expressions. Pence was beaming. Why would Trump be cringing when he won? He never wanted the job… look at the tape before he starts talking. It’s weird.

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