Marvel Announces New Darth Maul & Elektra Series Along With Daredevil Crossover Event

636147123430409860-stwmaul2017001-dc11Marvel has announced a new Darth Maul comic series from writer Cullen Bunn of Uncanny X-Men, Harrow County, Conan The Slayer & Monsters Unleashed with artist Luke Ross of The Force Awakens, Captain America & The Mighty Avengers, Captain America & Secret Avengers.

Marvel will also be launching a Daredevil crossover event titled Run With Devil with the current ongoing main title, the launch of the already announced Bullseye & Kingpin ongoing along with the recently announced Elektra series. Elektra will be written by Matt Owens whose previous experience comes from writing on Marvel Luke Cage & Agents of Shield television series with art from Alec Morgan. More details on Darth Maul at USA Today and Daredevil/Elektra at CBR

5 thoughts on “Marvel Announces New Darth Maul & Elektra Series Along With Daredevil Crossover Event”

    1. I’m right there with you. Super excited to see how Bunn does with the Star Wars universe.
      Since Darth Vader ended, the best books have been Poe and Han.

          1. Ya, I’m 6 issues back but Dr. Aphra will be fantastic anyway. Seriously I read almost every Dark Horse Star Wars comic from their inception till about 5 years back and they were never as good as these Marvel ones. Star Wars and Darth Vader are special comics. I did like Crimson Empire, Dark Empire and Knights of the Old Republic quite a bit but I think these are better.

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