Indubitable Issues and Pull List (01/04/17)




Josh’s Recommendation…
jlaatomrebirthJustice League Of America The Atom Rebirth #1
“Call me crazy, something just fascinates me about a hero who shrinks down to microscopic size. Rebirth is the perfect time for DC to focus on some of their less mainstream heroes like the Atom, and hopefully this one shot will lead to more spotlight for Ryan Choi and/or Ray Palmer.”

Tyler’s Recommendation…
samneedaredevilChris Samnee Daredevil Artist Ed HC
“This is a light week for me floppy wise, so what better time to recommend a book that will bust your budget 😉 Not an economical choice per say, but Chris Samnee is one of my personal favorite artists working today, and I would love to see his pages in all their original glory. Any DD super fan should be aware of this awesome offering from the folks at IDW.”
Dean’s Recommendation…
moonknight10Moon Knight #1
“It’s the beginning of a new arc for Moon Knight which has quickly become one of the best Marvel  comics. Don’t miss out on this mind expanding story by Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood.”
As I’m sure you all have noticed, the pull list page is no longer present. We here at Nothing But Comics have decided to combine this weekly with the discussion of which comics we are all buying for the week. Included below is the link of our personal favorite product guide. Don’t worry, this is not an advertisement; the website is not paying us anything to push it (not that we’d object!). Comic List just happens to be totally awesome. So check out that massive list and then come on back here to let us know what you are buying.

14 thoughts on “Indubitable Issues and Pull List (01/04/17)”

  1. Aquaman #14
    Autumnlands Tooth & Claw #14
    Bloodshot Usa #3 (of 4) Cvr D Cat Cosplay Var
    Everafter From The Pages of Fables #5 (MR)
    Ragnarok #11
    Rise of The Black Flame #5 (of 5)
    Superman #14
    Unfollow #15 (MR)
    Walking Dead #162 Cvr A Adlard & Stewart (MR)
    World of Tanks #4
    Faith#6 Cat Cosplay Var

    Pretty bad week for “my” comics. Rise of the black flame is finally put to rest as is (it seems) most of the Mignola verse soon. I don’t see any BPRD or Hellboy in upcoming previews. They have been lackluster for at least a year. I’ve read every issue ever but I’m glad they are ending, if they are in fact ending. Gleason took a break from Superman recently and I hated it so I need to chop that soon. Walking Dead is at a recent high point though which pisses me off because I’m ready to chop, chop, chop. Loyalty, smoyalty.,

    I’m most looking forward to World of Tanks. Let’s blow up some SS shitheads! We don’t need a panzer when we have demo tank with no armor!

    1. BPRD and Hellboy lackluster for at least a year?! Ouch! You’re entitled to your opinion, but man, I have to disagree. I felt that BPRD, Abe Sapien, and Helboy in Hell were all–in different ways–fantastic this year. Out of curiosity, what did you find lacking?

      1. Well Abe Sapien I dropped early in the year so I can’t speak too much on that series. Hellboy in Hell wasn’t bad. BPRD and Black Flame aren’t doing it for me though. I think going from Arcudi to Roberson was jarring. I like(d) Roberson a lot since his IZombie days but the dialogue seems flat to me. I could be just burnt out on it like I am with walking dead though. Regardless, I think all of these series are coming to an end soon so either way both of us are going to have to do without (I’d rather read the last issues than bail on them now). I kind of think that Mignola may be loosing interest as well. If I think of anything more specific I’ll let you know. It certainly doesn’t help that I preorder and I occasionally miss an issue because of that. I’m learning that missing even 1 issue kind of spoils a few issues in a row afterwards. Often times I don’t even know until I organize issues a year or two later. I know i missed at least one issue of BPRD.

        1. Cool, I can understand the burning out a bit. I am adjusting to the switch to Roberson as well, I’m a huge Arcudi fan, and it’s taken some getting used to, but I trust Mignola brought him in for good reason. Arcudi did finish out the BPRD run though, with Roberson only doing the 1950’s issues. Missing issues doesn’t help, but I think that speaks to how much you were enjoying them, obviously if you were loving it, you’d make sure not to miss anything.

          Also, BPRD still has one more cycle to go through, only the “Hell on Earth” storyline came to an end.

          1. Oh. So BPRD is going to start back up at issue 1 again? I kind of wish they would go back to mini series. Hell on Earth was just a lot of hell on earth… an eternity even…

            I kind of just assumed with some of Mignola’s comments and not seeing anything coming out in two months that he was wrapping all series up. BPRD is one of the great comics EVER so more power to Mignola if he wants to continue.

            1. I don’t think it will be a #1. Just the third–and final–part of the series; Plague of Frogs was part I, Hell on Earth is part II, and the as-of-yet untitled part III will be the final act. I haven’t read anything regarding length, but the first two parts were each around 70 issues. Either way, plenty of more BPRD for the time being, but I believe the hiatus will last for at least a few more months.

                1. Great discussion! I respect the points made by both of you . I can see how the wandering ABE SAPIEN narrative of the character going from place to place like Bill Bixby’s Hulk cold be off-putting to some fans; I did think the series finale was rewarding, however.

                  As all the BPRD series went on, they did tend to get more depressing. I was heartbroken at the fate of Nichayko (Who knew that John Arcudi could make me care so much about an undead Russian bureaucrat?) at the hands of Varvara, in particular, not to mention the fate of other cast members.

                  And Agent Howards is the man!

                  I miss Arcudi greatly, but I think Chris Roberson is doing a decent job. I find it interesting that Roberson is attempting to bring in Asian characters and folklore to the Hellboy mythos. He’s introduced a female Asian BPRD agent, and he’s put Hellboy in conflict with supernatural menaces from Asian folklore. It’s been a theme of Roberson’s past work – he’s written an alternate history prose novel (THE VOYAGE OF NIGHT SHINING WHITE) where Chinese astronauts go to Mars, and in IZOMBIE he borrows the concept of Chinese philosophical concept of two souls (“hun and po”) to explain the existence of zombies, ghosts, and revenants. My point being, the guy is clearly interested in Asian culture, and brings that interest to his work in the Mignolaverse.

                  Kill Varvara!

                  1. Glad to hear from you Sir Beebe.

                    Ya, all the titles have been more bleak than usual. It was nice to witness small triumphs as mini series used to wrap up. I wanted to like Abe but I didn’t love the art and it seemed like the wandering was going on forever like 80s TV with each issue resembling the last. I guess I dropped it at the wrong time because it wrapped soon after.

                    Nichayko’s fate was upsetting. He was a compeling character to be sure. Varvara was easy to underestimate.

                    1. Yeah, I do understand; ABE SAPIEN went on for 36 issues, and Dark Horse probably could have cut out 10 issues without any significant narrative damage.

                      I knew Varvara was going to get her revenge on Nichayko at some point, but her actions were even more cruel than I imagined. But to paraphrase Doctor Aphra from DARTH VADER #25: “She’s Varvara. She was NEVER going to be kind.”

                    2. Hey Reed!
                      Thanks for the input, I totally agree with your sentiments regarding Nichayko. I do feel he received a valiant send off befitting of his character. Arcudi was, among other things, a master at creating characters who we could momentarily love and despise. Elements of the series were black and white with regards to good and evil, but Arcudi made sure to toss large swaths of gray throughout, to force questions and give a sense of realism. BPRD was full of moments that made my heart swing back and forth, it’s that quality that impressed me so much, and kept me enthralled throughout his time on the series.

                      ILovecomics, I personally loved the evocative style of the Fiumara Bros work on Abe, but that is part of the subjective nature of art. I think that as a whole, Abe will read much better as a complete story rather than issue to issue; in fact I should test that hypothesis and maybe do a write-up in the future.

  2. Wic + Div

    Atom sounds cool, but the “Rebirth” issues I read seemed unnecessary, so I’ll skip this and wait for JLA proper.

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