Cosmo’s Gallery, 4-10-17

Doctor Strange Farel Dalrymple
Doctor Strange by Farel Dalrymple

Soundwave and Broadcast Dustin Nguyen
Soundwave and Broadcast by Dustin Nguyen


Silk Paolo Rivera
Silk by Paolo Rivera
Black Cat Jeff Dekal
Black Cat by Jeff Dekal
The Spirit Mike Deodato Jr
The Spirit by Mike Deodato Jr
Goodnight Hug Sara Pichelli
Goodnight Hug by Sara Pichelli
David Lynch Bill Sienkiewcz
David Lynch by Bill Sienkiewcz
Klarion the Witch Boy J.H. Williams III
Klarion the Witch Boy by J.H. Williams III
Superboy Evan DocShaner.png
Superboy by Evan “Doc” Shaner
Johnny Quest Skottie Young
Johnny Quest by Skottie Young
Black Widow and Winter Solider Kevin Wada
Agent Romanoff and Agent Barnes (in a Kris Anka Speedo) by Kevin Wada
Dazzler Patrick Zircher
Dazzler by Patrick Zircher



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