Podcast Episode Fifty Eight

The guys gather round to talk about the fist volume of Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez’s excellent Locke & Key. Alex, Dean & Pat discuss the comics first arc, how it’s structured like a novel,  it’s strength in character work and world building along with some of their favorite moments from the first trade. In addition, they also discuss the new Star Wars and Alien Covenant trailers, the Raptors game one loss of the NBA playoffs, Dean’s time with Alex in Lake Geneva and more.

35 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Fifty Eight”

      1. Hooli and Gavin suck. That’s a great show but how much greater would it have been if that eccentric character/actor Peter Gregory/ Chris Welch didn’t die all of sudden. That really damaged that show. It’s rebounded but still.

        1. The Peter Gregory character was cool, but I do very much enjoy Suzanne Cryer’s replacement character. Her delivery is pretty hilarious.

          And yes, a strong show overall, especially the second two seasons.

          1. I just thought it was really far fetched to have a replacement also be very eccentric. It was obvious that Suzanne was trying to mimic Welch and it just seems unnatural to me. It’s why I think they are fazing her out now. For me Welch elevated that show to something special as opposed to what it is now… a good show.

            1. See I have the opposite view of the show’s development. In the first season I found the main character too much a familiar type. Starting in the second season they started developing his character into something more complicated (& less sympathetic). Similarly the supporting cast really began clicking in the second season. I think that it took a season for the writers to find their footing & move beyond the obvious.

              So for me the first season was good but the second is when it jumps into outstanding.

              1. Ya, the rest of the cast gets more fleshed out and that is a big positive but because of the similarities of the two investors I just always think of that first guy. I think they should of gone totally different to make it less obvious. Chris Welch really had a break out performance which was the highlight of that first season for me; if he wasn’t so good maybe I wouldn’t have noticed.

              2. Now my favorite character in that show is played by TJ Miller. Incidentally TJ Miller was the only good thing about that Mark Walburg Transformers movie. When TJ’s character was killed it was all downhill from there.

                1. Dude that was my exact same reaction. I went to the movie with a friend because he really likes the Transformer movies and when I saw TJ on the screen I was like, “Oh okay I think I might be able to make it through this movie” ten minutes later he died and my soul along with him.

                  1. I remember going to see Batman & Robin with some friends. When Robin almost died at the beginning I thought “Cool, they killed Chis O’Donnell, this movie might have potential–oh damn, it was a fake out.” I mean seriously, we broke out in applause when we thought he was done for. Not killing Chris O’Donnell in the first reel is a pretty reliable sign that a movie will not be memorable . . .

                    But yes, TJ Miller is great in general.

                    1. Chris O Donnell was a terrible Robin casting choice. It’s a pity that such a great director had such a lack of respect for the characters. O Donnell does mostly suck but I have to say that Vertical Limit is one of my favorite action movies… RIP Bill Paxton.

                    2. Is Schumacher that great a director? Batman & Robin is the only film by him I’ve ever seen, so I can’t judge firsthand except to say I’ve never really been interested in any of his other ones . . .

                    3. Veronica Guerin, Tigerland, 8mm, Flatliners, A Time to Kill, Falling Down, and Lost Boys… you haven’t seen Lost Boys? I think that he envisioned Batman as Batman 66 and didn’t really understand that the character was mostly not Batman 66.

                    4. Yeah pretty much all of those movies are ones I never had any interest in seeing.

                      I missed The Lost Boys by a few years — I was too young for it when it first came out. Later, I just never got around to seeing it. Wouldn’t mind seeing it some day, but, it’s not really a priority . . .

                      As for his concept of Batman, I imagine it was dictated by Warner Brothers and read something along the lines of “Whatever the opposite of ******* Burton is”.

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