Cosmo’s Gallery, 5-15-17

Jack The King Kirby Bill Sienkiewicz
Jack “The King” Kirby by Bill Sienkiewicz

Mad Hatter Paolo Rivera
Self Portrait by Paolo Rivera
Lying Cat James Harren
Lying Cat by James Harren
Storm Gerardo Zaffino
Storm by Gerardo Zaffino
The Spirit Mike Henderson
The Spirit by Mike Henderson
Sandman Steve Lieber
Sandman by Steve Lieber
Loki bust Sara Pichelli
Loki by Sara Pichelli
Emma Frost Elia Bonetti
Emma Frost by Elia Bonetti
Steve Rogers Kevin Wada
Late Night by Kevin Wada
Madame Xanadu Sara Richard
Madame Xanadu by Sara Richard
Calvin & Hobbes Sean Murphy
Calvin & Hobbes by Sean Murphy

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