Podcast Episode Seventy Three

It’s the last month in comics, as the guys talk about the single issues they’ve read that left an impression on them over the month’s of July & August. Titles include Mister Miracle #1, Dark Nights Metal #1, Saga #45, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #8, Rat Queens #5, Shutter #30 & more

21 thoughts on “Podcast Episode Seventy Three”

  1. I’m feeling Alex’s opinion on this Metal book. I had the exact same thoughts right up to the Sandman. I love Sandman and I was like hmmmm. I perked up during the Hawkman tie in… and tried to give it another chance but it didn’t last. The aqua man hand thing I vaguely understood based on some cover I saw. I think it felt rushed overall.

    1. Yeah I can see that. Like I said in the podcast, I enjoyed the book but when it came time to pick week’s finest it wasn’t even in the discussion.

      1. I never watched Goonies as a kid. I watched it as an adult so it didn’t have the same impact on me as the rest of the world. Now Sandlot is a different story. I wore that VHS out.

              1. Yes!! My girlfriend has showed me this preview before. She loves it and was shocked I haven’t seen it before. Looks amazing 😉

    1. Remakes are like cover songs, in my mind: only worth it if you have a different take/something new to say about the source material. If you’re just making a cloying copy, don’t bother . . .

      1. A different take is important but just improving on the original is good enough for me. Pre 80s sci could always do with some remakes. Planet of the apes for instance works well. Team Caesar!

        1. Planet of the Apes is a really good example. The original film is an iconic movie which has withstood the test of time. The new films found a way to honor that legacy while adding new ideas of their own. They have a reason to exist beyond newfangled CGI tech. Though as stunning as the visual effects are, the original Apes makeup is still pretty damn impressive . . .

          (Also I haven’t had a chance to see War yet so please no spoilers for the latest installment).

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