This Week’s Finest: The Fix #10


By Nick Spencer, Steve Lieber, Ryan Hill, Marshall Dillion

Over a year since it began, The Fix has established itself as a perverse and hilarious crime drama of two dirty cops trying to make it big. Roy and Mac owe a large debt to a local crimelord, and so have each taken on separate schemes to accrue said money. These schemes involved drug-addicted actresses, and a drug-sniffing dog named Pretzels. Things only got stranger from there…

Roy, the more hedonistic of the two, became a body-guard for a famous actress who was killed in a robbery that he set up. He’s finally solved the mystery of who did it, and it may cost him more than he expected.  Mac, the less intelligent but more likeable guy, took a job as an airport security guard with a drug-sniffing beagle named Pretzels. At first having a tense relationship, the two grew as close as he did with Roy. That is until Pretzels took a bullet for Mac after a side deal he was supposed to look the other way on went sideways.


Both men find their respective targets, and both wind up over their heads. It’s this steady escalation in the stakes Roy and Mac face that keep the story fresh. The more trouble they get into, the crazier their problems become.

Roy ends up in a Hollywood brothel where the women are the actual starlets the customers idealize, run by a geriatric sitcom star. Naturally, his fantasies and reality don’t match up, and his latest suspect tries to have him whacked.

TheFixP2It’s funny to think that over the course of ten issues, The Fix finds new levels of depravity to mine. It’s not boring either, Spencer’s vivid imagination for the luridness of L.A is endlessly entertaining.

Just as entertaining is Lieber’s penciling. Lieber’s art is essential to selling many of Spencer’s script gags, while also creating his own. Lieber’s clear, concise storytelling works well with the Fix’s style. Hill’s colors offer their own dressing to the art, with the tropical palette conveying the sunny (and seedy) California city where the series is set.


While The Fix is likely to offend those with delicate sensibilities, for those who love crime stories, stoner comedy, and off-beat characters; its a one of kind series that you can’t help but love.

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