Top Ten New Series of 2017

Honorable Mentions: Slasher, Redlands, Batwoman, God Country, Batman/The Shadow, The Wildstorm: Michael Cray, Plastic, Vamperilla, Dan Dare, Iron Fist, Go Go Power Rangers, Deadman, America, Batman: White Knight, Curse Words, Sherlock Frankenstein & The Legion of Evil, Punisher: Platoon, Nick Fury, Astonishing X-Men

10. Rock Candy Mountain by Kyle Starks & Chris Schweizer

“In the Big Rock Candy Mountains
You never change your socks
And the little streams of alcohol
Come trickling down the rocks”

Kyle Starks’ whimsical tale of two hobos searching for the vagabond’s Shangri-La was a welcome diversion from the darkness that hung over this year. His deadpan humor and clean line art made ‘Rock Candy Mountain’ accessible to his fans from his work on ‘Rick and Morty’ as well as keeping Image a diverse offering of art styles and tones. For those searching for hobo fight clubs, deals with the devil, a lake of stew, and whiskey too, ‘Rock Candy Mountain’ is for you-Josh

9. Babyteeh by Donny Cates, Garry Brown & Mark Englert

In Babyteeth, writer Donny Cates, artist Gary Brown, colorist Mark Englert, and letterer Taylor Esposito explore the challenges of teenage pregnancy as sixteen-year-old protagonist Sadie Ritter and her loving-but-dysfunctional family do their best to care for Sadie’s newborn, Clark. They face the added concerns of Clark being a demonic antichrist hunted by lethal cult assassins and the absence (and mystery) of Clark’s father, not to mention the baby’s growing thirst for his mother’s blood.

The creative team skillfully melds the horror concept of Rosemary’s Baby with the real-world anxieties of teen motherhood and — most importantly — provides compelling, sympathetic characters that readers will love, making this series published by AfterShock Comics one of the best new comics of 2017-Reed

8. Bug! The Adventures Forager by Mike Allred, Laura Allred, Lee Allred & James Harvey

When capturing the fun & reverence of Jack Kirby in 2017, few creative teams are as well suited to do so then the Allred clan. In Bug! The Adventures of Forager, with art and writing from Mike & Lee Allred, and Laura Allred providing colors, the trio takes the reader on a rambunctious, engrossing and endearing odyssey through Jack Kirby’s DC creations. Bug! goes from the original Sandman, to the Manhunters, to The New Gods, to left over story points from the original Forever People series. It’s a purely awesome romp through all things DC Kirby, told from the point of view of Forager; in the company of a talking teddy bear and god like child in tow. With spectacular visuals from comics masters Mike & Laura Allred, and hilarious meta-commentary on the appropriately bombastic story points from Mike & brother Lee, Bug! is a near perfect approximation of Jack Kirby’s spirit in 2017, and one of the years most purely entertaining comics to boot. Also, don’t miss the mind bending backup strips from James Harvey, a cartoonist who managed to innovate the form in the final two pages of every single issue-Pat

7. Kill The Minotaur by Christian Cantamessa, Chris Passetto, Lukas Kenter & Jean Francious Beaulieu

Kill The Minotaur was the most welcome surprise for comics in 2017; an alternate history horror title with some of the most strange and elaborate interior pages & design. Written by Christian Cantamessan & Chris Passetto, with stunning art from illustrator Lukas Kenter & colorist Jean Francious Beaulieu; Kill the Minotaur is a beautiful high fantasy nightmare about a band of ancient Greek royalty and soldiers lost in a deadly supernatural labyrinth. With each issue of the title going further into the maze, Kill the Minotaur was an one the years most unexpectedly thrilling comics-Pat

6. Black Bolt by Saladin Ahmed, Christian Ward & Frazer Irving

It must be a daunting task to be the comic creator of a character’s first ever solo series. How about a character who doesn’t speak? Well, Saladin a. Ahmed and Christian James Ward were ready for that task. Together, they’ve created a superhero comic unlike any other Marvel has to offer. This creative duo is a perfect match for a character who barely speaks and has massive power. Ahmed has centered the story around a lovable cast of misfits, while Ward’s imaginative and wonderfully interesting art style is on full display, making every page of this comic immensely enjoyable. Black Bolt was a real question mark before 2017 began, but it quickly became one of the best Marvel books of the year and holds a well deserved spot in our Best New Comic Series list-Dean5. All Time Comics by Benjamin Marra, Josh Bayer, Samuel Bayer Herb Trimpe, Al Milgrom, Matt Rota, Allesandra Echevarria & Rick Buckler Jr

All Time Comics was among 2017’s wildest, funniest, and viscerally entertaining tiles. From the unhinged imaginations of Benjamin Marra and brothers Josh & Samuel Bayer; All Time Comics is a throwback to a feeling that comics used to give readers, in the pre-internet era where it felt like you could discover anything at the comic shop. With legendary creators, including the final interior comics work of Wolverine creator Herb Trimpe, All Time Comics read like a random off brand superhero comic from yesteryear. Its brilliance comes in how the book balances reverence, hilarity, & awe in each installment for one of comics most engrossing titles. An issue of All Time Comics can make you roll on the floor with laughter for it’s sharp satire, and then stare in astonishment moments later for it’s striking visuals. It’s one of the most robustly satisfying reads from issue to issue, with a richly built world inside the title right down to the fake advertisements permeating the pages. Each issue of All Time Comics is fully realized, and a wild ride from front to back. There was nothing else like All Time Comics in 2017, a cartoonist comic in every sense-Pat

4. The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis, Jon Davis, Ivan Plascencia & Steve Buccellato

DC Comics’ imprint WildStorm once featured a universe of characters pushing the limits of the superhero genre — ancient alien races fighting a secret galactic war on Earth, rival covert organizations manipulating the world, and superheroes giving themselves global authority to challenge the status quo and fight epic cinematic battles against world-ending threats. But the imprint was dissolved and its characters folded into DC’s other titles.

This year, acclaimed writer Warren Ellis, with artist Jon Davis-Hunt, rebooted the WildStorm universe in the pages of The Wild Storm, updating the bold themes and characters of the imprint using novelistic storytelling that combines beautifully rendered action scenes with quirky characters, rich dialogue, and narrative surprises that will delight both new and veteran WildStorm readers-Reed

3. Royal City by Jeff Lemire

Over the last 10 years, Jeff Lemire has done extensive work at DC and Marvel as well as launch a number of greatly successful Image, Dark horse and Valiant books. He’s become one of the powerhouse comic creators for his consistent output. Now, after all that, Lemire heads back to his roots where he takes on the writing and art duties of a serialized story in the vain of Essex County. Royal City is an emotional journey, with “real” feeling characters dealing with their hauntingly tragic lives. It is amazing to see Lemire’s growth in both art and writing over the years. Essex County is a fan and critic favorite and even though Lemire is much more polished now, the raw comic creating talent that we all noticed in Essex County bleeds through those inks now more than ever. Royal City is Lemire’s best work in years ,which is saying a lot-Dean

2. Aliens Dead Orbit by James Stokoe

Taking on interior art, colors, and writing; Aliens Dead Orbit by James Stokoe was a tie-in comic truly worthy of it’s source material by being purely in the vision of the books creator. Comics  readers should be well familiar with Stokoe’s distinctive brand of cartooning; from Moon Knight & Secret Wars to Prophet & Orc Stain, Stokoe is one of comics most distinctive creators. While outside of his typical purview, Aliens cosmic body horror was the perfect template for the artists robustly intricate aesthetic. Mastering the genre’s tension like the original film; Aliens Dead Orbit was an absorbing mini-series that Stokoe made a must read for each installment-Pat

1. Mister Miracle by Tom King & Mitch Gerads

It’s no secret that we at NBC! love us some Mister Miracle, it’s been This Weeks Finest nearly every issue. Tom King and Mitch Gerads
have created something special with this maxi-series. From the first issue everyone knew this book was unlike any other, King writes the characters with such depth that they feel like real people. Scott Free is a tortured soul who hides behind the mask and showmanship of Mister Miracle, Big Barda is his partner in life and battle, and together they brave a world of hardship and uncertainty. Under a lesser hand the story could feel like it takes itself too seriously, but King  uses subtext and nuance to make it all work beautifully. Mitch Gerads knocks it out of the park as well. His characters emote every spoken word, and their faces show the ones they can’t muster. The nine panel grid carries a rhythm that hasn’t been this impactful since Watchmen, and it has been a pleasure to pour over each issue again and again. It is a rare thing to want to immediately reread a comic right after finishing, but I find myself doing just that with each new installment of this amazing story. Bravo to all involved- Tyler

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