Review of Dark Fang #2

By Miles Gunter, Kelsey Shannon, Taylor Espoisto

A vampire is on a quest to stop global pollution, and corruption in Washington. Valla has returned to the world after being trapped at the bottom of the ocean for centuries. As a vampire, she survived this. However, a mysterious disease is turning one of her fangs black.

She questions the ghosts of the wives of her former master, who hint its the pollution afflicting the Earth is what’s responsible. She goes on a quest to reverse this, and exact vengeance on those who caused it.

It’s a easy read, and although the politics get heavy-handed at times, its an enjoyable one as well.

Valla is portrayed as a powerful, yet naive immortal who is suddenly facing the prospect of death. Like classic vampires, her powers include transformations and hypnosis which both play into the plot.

The art by Kelsey Shannon is clean and exaggerated. Most of the dimension of the art comes from the colors, which are also done by Shannon. It tends to be a high contrast between dull, dark colors and bright, neon ones. Even then, subtle hues between the two give definition to the characters and backgrounds.

Dark Fang is most certainly a comic made in 2017, and represents a portion of the year’s attitudes. It doesn’t reach the heights of other Image series, but for those looking for a liberal-political fantasy comic with a strong female protagonist, Dark Fang will do as well as any other.

Disclosure: Publisher Image Comics provided a review copy of this comic to Nothing But Comics without any payment between the site and publisher or agreement on the review’s content.

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