Uncover The Best Covers 2/15/2018

From Black Panther Long Live The King #5 by Andre Lima Araujo

From Invader Zim #28 by Mady G
From Deadman #4 by Neal Adams
From Catalyst Prim Accell by Chris Cross
From Darth Vader #11 by Giuseppe Camuncoli
From Robotech #10 by Martin Simmonds
From Michael Cray #5 by Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz & Steve Buccellato
From The Power of The Dark Crystal #11 by Mark Buckingham
From Planet of the Apes Ursus #2 by Paolo Rivera
From Barbarella #3 by Jorge Fornes
From Wonder Woman #40 by Jenny Frison
From X-Men Blue #21 by Stephanie Hans
From Curse Words #11 by Tula Lotay
From Rumble #3 by David Rubin
From Bloodshot Salvation #6 by John Bivens
From The Flash #40 by Carmine Di Giandomenico
From Amazing Spiderman Annual #42 by Alex Ross
From Kill or Be Killed #1 by Sean Phillips
From Shade The Changing Girl Wonder Woman Special #1 by Frank Quitely
From Regular Show 2018 Special #1 by Matt Smigel
From Darth Vader #11 by Rod Reis
From Archie #28 by Dan Schoening,
From Bloodshot Salvation #6 by Kenneth Rocafort
From Marvel Two In One #3 by Mike Del Mundo
From Action Comics #997 by Francis Manapul
From Sleepless #3 by Leila Del Duca, Aissa Sallah & Gabe Fischer
From The Punisher #221 by Clayton Crain
From Grass Kings #12 by Tyler Jenkins
From Planet of the Apes Ursus #2 by Becca Carey
From New Superman & The Justice League of China #20 by Phillip Tan
From Lazarus x66 #6 by Michael Lark
From X-Men Grand Design #2 by Ed Piskor
From Jenny Finn #4 by Mike Mignola
From Cold War #1 by Hayden Sherman
From Paradiso #3 by Dev Pramanik
From Detective Comics #974 by Rafeal Albuquerque
From Suicide Squad #35 by Andrea Sorrentino
From Twisted Romance #2 by Alejandra Gutierrez
From Doctor Strange #385 by Gabriel Hernandez Walta & Jordie Bellaire
From The Black Monday Murders#8 by Tomm Coker
From Captain America #698 by Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson


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