Moonshine #7 Review


By Brian Azerallo, Eduardo Risso, Jared K Fletcher, Christian Rossi

Azzerallo and Risso continue their prohibition set werewolf tale, as Lou Pirlo rides the rails looking to put his recent transgressions behind him. This proves difficult, and lands him in even hotter water. Meanwhile, former business associates are preparing to track Lou down for a bloody reunion.

So long between the sixth and seventh issues, certain plot elements are hard to recall. A recap would’ve been nice just to get re-acquainted with the story.

However, the break has been good for Risso’s penciling and inks. The early pages show a lush and layered style that makes his artwork gorgeous. Obviously, doing thirty plus pages of this every month would be too time consuming and would decrease the impressiveness of that effort. Still, it earns new respect for Risso in my eyes seeing what else he is capable of when he pushes himself. Rossi’s assists on colors also don’t go unnoticed, as the series is definitely sharper in hue. This seems to be a digital process, and one that undeniably enhances Risso’s artwork. There is no real drawback to it, just a modern innovation on a visual medium.

While fans may get lost in the details after the series break, none of the quality has been lost, indeed the art has improved following it. With that, readers have all the more reason to follow along with Azzerallo and Risso’s tales of werewolves and booze in the roaring twenties.

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