Indubitable Issues and Pull List (03/07/18)




Tyler’s Recommendations…
Infinity Countdown #1
“I am not one for event comics, but this story is one I am anxiously looking forward to. Aaron Kuder is phenomenal, and I can’t wait to see him unload
on this book.”

Superman #42
“Tomasi and Gleason have been knocking out one of the best runs in ages on DC’s premiere superhero book. I am going to be sad to see it end, but look forward to every page.
I can’t wait to see what these two have cooked up with a Bizzaro storyline.”
 Josh’s Recommendation…
Ghostbusters Annual 2018
“Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening are back for another annual, which teases more ecto goodness later this year. Really though, seeing these two continue the adventures of the classic Ghostbusters pitch perfect, is more than enough reason to check out this book.”
As we’re sure you all have noticed, the pull list page is no longer present. We here at Nothing But Comics have decided to combine this weekly with the discussion of which comics we are all buying for the week. Included below is the link of our personal favorite product guide. Don’t worry, this is not an advertisement; the website is not paying us anything to push it (not that we’d object!). Comic List just happens to be totally awesome. So check out that massive list and then come on back here to let us know what you are buying.

One thought on “Indubitable Issues and Pull List (03/07/18)”

  1. Bloodshot Salvation #7 Cvr A Lemire
    Fix #11 (MR)
    Gideon Falls #1 Cvr A Sorrentino (MR)
    I Hate Fairyland #17 Cvr A Young (MR)
    Koshchei The Deathless #3
    Oblivion Song #1 By Kirkman
    Shade The Changing Woman #1 (MR)
    Uber Invasion #12 (MR)
    Vampironica #1 Cvr A Reg

    The Infinity stuff was how I cut my teeth on events (although I did see “crisis” at a gas station when I was really little and opted to beg for a spidey comic instead). I think we should go back to having less of them (events). Marvel Zombie me will climb out of his grave to read this though.
    Tomasi and Gleason on Superman were really good I just wish that they chained Gleason to his desk and forced him to work 16 hours a day instead of 12 so that there were no filler issues. “Workers rights”… who needs those? Bizzaro family… looks like I’ll have to read that.

    Midtown comics has a 75% of back issue sale this week.

    Can’t wait for Gideon Falls.

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