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This Week’s Finest: It’s Over

A little over four years ago, the website iFanboy was shut down. As much a community of commentors as a comic’s site, regular readers and contributors to the websites comment section and pull list feature were devastated. In response, Erik Hanson founded Nothing But Comics, and had the good graces to bring on myself to write here, in addition to Alex Rupp, Creighton Binn, Josh Rector, Jacob De Paz, Chris Messenger, and shortly after the sites launch, Dean Manness. The site evolved and shifted, brought on excellent new writers like Reed Bebe, Katharine Hanifan & Tyler Reed. Over that time period, almost everything has changed, both in my own life in addition to the world around me. As such, and as you’ve probably noticed, the site has changed as well. The posts are far less frequent. The actual fact of the matter is, I don’t have the time to post with the frequency that I once did,  and neither can my colleagues. Something has to give, and that is going to be This Week’s Finest. A legacy of our old iFanboy imitation, This Week’s Finest is ultimately a somewhat arbitrary measure of excellence, and the amount of work it required far outweighed the reward of completing the review. In it’s place, we will try to increase meaningful content; more reviews and more articles that can be more insightful then This Week’s Finest could ever be. The last three This Week’s Finest selections will be migrated to the review section. I can’t think of a better final This Week’s Finest then Josh picking a Jeff Lemire/Ivan Reis Fantastic Four DC Comic that exists mostly because Marvel won’t publish the Fantastic Four for a myriad of reasons. Thank you for reading, thank you for your support, thank you for everything. Here’s to the next chapter.

This Week’s Finest: The Terrifics #1


By Jeff Lemire, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Marcelo Maiolo

When Marvel canceled Fantastic Four in early 2015, it was more of a mercy killing than a tragedy. It had reached a pinnacle of popularity, then slowly sunk into mediocrity. Also in 2015, DC ended its New 52 initiative, rolled out its Convergence event, and launched its DC YOU brand of titles to re-energize its books and characters. Three years later, DC has drastically improved its creative output, both in quality and creator representation, and decided to resurrect the FF in their own image. What we get are spiritual analogues to Mr.Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and the Thing set in the DC Universe and trying to uncover the secrets of the Dark Multiverse.  Continue reading This Week’s Finest: The Terrifics #1

This Week’s Finest: Captain America #698

From Captain America #698 by Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson

by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson

From November 2010 to March 2011 Mark Waid wrote a five issue mini series called Captain America: Man Out Of Time. It retold the story that first appeared in the pages of the original Avengers series; about how a frozen American war hero was thawed out 60 years later to fight for the Avengers. Some thought it didn’t need to be retold, however, Waid brought something new to it. The writer focused on the emotional struggles of Steve Rogers, a man realizing he can never go back to the life he once knew. Here we are in 2018 and Waid is once again telling the story of Captain America, a man out of time. Although, this time, it is Avengers Cap who has been frozen and inevitably thawed in a not so distant dumpster fire America. Waid impressed me then with Man Out Of Time and he impressed me now with Captain America #698 Out Of Time Part 1, enough to be the finest comic of the week.

Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Captain America #698

This Week’s Finest: JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1

by Gerard Way, Steve Orlando, ACO, Tamra Bonvillain, Marissa Louise, Hugo Petres, Magdalene Visaggio & Sonny Liew

In JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1, the Young Animal/DC Milk Wars crossover event, Larry Trainor founded DC Comics in a parallel life while fighting the Justice League as Negative Man. This is not the strangest thing to happen in JLA/Doom Patrol by a wide margin. In the issue, Gerard Way, Steve Orlando, ACO, Tamra Bonvillain & Marissa Louise create a delightfully dense and endearing love letter to DC Comics, it’s inherent weirdness, and the profound influence writer Grant Morrison has on the medium.  Continue reading This Week’s Finest: JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1

This Week’s Finest: Southern Bastards #19

by Jason Aaron & Jason Latour

Spoilers ahead. You have been warned…

A few issues ago (#16) it felt as though Coach Boss was nearing his inevitable rock bottom when he brutally beat a kid in order to win a football game. When the extremely injured boy took the field anyways and stood in the way of Coach Boss’s victory, I could feel that bottom closing in. Then, after Locust Fork’s Burt Reynolds (McKlusky) got the best of Coach Boss, he conceded. It appeared Coach had finally hit that bottom. Honestly, I felt a little edge and grit leave the book when Coach shook McKlusky’s hand in defeat. But, it really is a simple thing, the war he started with Locust Fork no longer benefits the team, in fact it actually hurts them as some of the team member were part of the physical encounters. Instead of leaving the Rebels with a number of injured players, Coach had only one option, to wave the white flag. However, just when I think I have this guy figured out he belts a monkey with a fucking home made bat like he is hitting homers over the Monster at Fenway. If you were missing the downright insanity of Coach Boss like I was, you are in luck, the bastard is back.

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This Week’s Finest: Ice Cream Man #1


By W.Maxwell Prince, Martin Morazzo, Chris O’Halloran, Good Old Neon

As much as I love Ohio (where I was born and raised), I always have two fears nagging me in the back of my mind: spiders (of which at least half a dozen poisonous ones reside in Ohio according to Google), and creepy adults. Growing up, I was always told to watch out for strangers, don’t stay out past dark, and not to follow people into unfamiliar territory. It’s relatively good advice for a child, but these days you never know who exactly to trust and who has someone chained up in their basement.

Ice Cream Man #1 perfectly encapsulates my fears while also making a strong new debut for Image Comics and its creators… Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Ice Cream Man #1

This Week’s Finest: Mister Miracle #6

by Tom King & Mitch Gerads

Mister Miracle, by writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads, continues its trajectory as one of the best comics in years. Issue six marks the books halfway mark with spectacular action scenes across its nine panel grid structure, endearing dialogue,  a heartening reveal, and a series turning point; all with the creative talent working at the height of their powers. Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Mister Miracle #6

This Week’s Finest: Black Bolt #9

by Saladin Ahmed & Christian Ward

Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward have created such an interesting comic book centred around a character who can’t really speak.  I have been thoroughly enjoying this series since it’s first issue and this week’s issue #9 is definitely the best so far. Ahmed and Ward tell the story of a woman, recently receiving the news that her husband has died. The issue takes us through her reactions and the reaction of the community surrounding her. The catch is the deceased man is Crusher Creel, a known super villain who has surely killed many before, but in his last moments alive, saved many. It is a touching story about the value of a man’s life and what that means when he dies.

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