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MYTHIC STRUCTURE! Classic Comic Arcs: “Swamp Thing”

In this series of articles we will take a classic comic book arc and break it down issue by issue, getting to the root of just what made it great.

In this episode of Mythic Structure:
Swamp Thing –  The Uncle Arcane Saga
Issues #27 through Swamp Thing Annual #2, 1984-85

swamp-thing_new_jpg_300x1000_q85Last week we were treated to a stellar DC Comics Villains Month issue in the form of Swamp Thing 23.1 Arcane. In a slew of sub-par one shots, this villain issue delivered the goods – an entertaining story told within the continuity of the series and what has come before it. It also didn’t hurt that the art work was stunning and truly grotesque –  and when you are dealing with a despicable character like Anton Arcane the grosser the better. The mark of a great character is its longevity – and believe it or not Anton Arcane has been around for close to 40 years, but if we are completely honest it really wasn’t until Alan Moore got his silver ringed fingers on the evil uncle that he became the stuff of nightmares. Moore instilled in Arcane what it took for this character to stand the test of time. Lets take a trip back to when Anton Arcane first crawled his way from the dark pit and into our four colored world.