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DRAWING LINES! Week in Review 10/16/13

“Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn. They teach you there’s a boundary line to music. But, man, there’s no boundary line to art
– Charlie Parker

nbcI’m back, Miss me? I apologize for no Drawing Lines last Sunday – sometimes the really-real world calls and you have to put down the laptop and venture out into the sunlight. At any rate, its good to be back on another lovely Sunday morning once again, dropping my comic book wisdom on you like a bearded Dali lama. I had mentioned in the last installment that October is my favorite month and Halloween my favorite holiday. Is it really even a holiday? We certainly don’t get that shit off from work or school. For as long as I can remember I’ve had the tradition of watching The Wolf Man with Lon Chaney on Halloween night. After the knocks on the door have all subsided and the night sounds die down to only the cool breeze, I’ll pop the movie in the DVD player and watch Larry Talbot, a perverted peeping tom, spy on Gwen Conliffe with his telescope – watching her try on earrings in her bedroom. Then Larry’s got the balls to go over and tell her that he watched her and wants to take her out on a date! I guess because he thinks shes into that kinda thing. Oh and Larry won’t take no for an answer. Yeah, we have a word for guys like Larry Talbot:  P.s.y.c.h.o. Run Gwen! Run! I also love how everyone in this town is way fucking into werewolves, Like everyone knows that werewolf poem as if it’s goddamn John 3.16. But enough of lecherous lycanthropy, lets hit those bullet points – silver style!

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PULL LIST PLAY LIST! Ghostmann Edition

Sound-waves-twitter-backgrounds-sound-waves-twitter-themesTo me, reading comics is a singular experience – I don’t like any outside forces coming into play while I’m immersed in my funny books – with one exception, music. Music plays a huge part in my life, more then comics! (I know that’s borderline blasphemy here) So I allow the stereo to play on Wednesdays. The right song can enhance the comic reading beyond what you thought it could.

Why not join me. Even if you’ve already read them, get out your copies of the comics I’ve listed here and hit the play buttons at the right time then start reading. Trust me, the experience you will have will fucking BLOW your mind. Ready? Good.

Here are the songs that filled the space between the panels….

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DRAWING LINES! Week in Review 10/2/13


nbcTo quote Morrissey, “Everyday is like Sunday!” Well, I wish everyday was like Sunday and I’m sure you do as well because it’s the day you get to read my rambling, stream of consciousness thoughts in Drawing Lines –  where I drop more F bombs then a B-52 Super Flying Fortress. The first week back from a long ass month of villains felt good – until I started reading the DC books I got…but wait, I’m getting ahead of myself –  let’s save that for the bullet points – cause I love me some bullet points. I am so glad October is here, I’m not a summer guy at all and down right loath the sun (so why I live in California I’ll never know). October is my all time favorite month and Halloween pretty much my fave holiday. I remember back as kid the 31 day wait till Halloween. Those 31 days were spent constructing my costumes (they didn’t sale pre-made zombie kits at Target back in the days) and staying up late to watch Christopher Lee movies. Such great memories, they serve me well. You know what else serves me well? Points that are bullet shaped.

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THE GHOST BOX! Quick Shot Reviews

aug130244DETECTIVE COMICS #24: I don’t know about you guys but when I read Batman comics I want motherfucking Batman not Robocop and Robocop is just what you get in the latest issue of Detective Comics. In the first issue back after Villains Month Det picks up right where it left off – and I totally forgot everything that went on in issue 23. After slugging through issues 23.1. 23.2 23.3 and 23.4 I was completely fucking lost as to what went on before the points took over. Another reason to talk shit about Villains Month. I suppose I better dust off the old Batman issues before next weeks Batman #24 comes out – otherwise I may be completely lost yet again. The only redeeming thing about this issue is the art by Jason Fabok – not too shabby. He draws a mean Robo-bat. My fave moment of the issue: well, I really don’t have a fave moment – I suppose it would be when i got to the last page and the issue was over. WRITING: FAIR / ART: GREAT

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VILLAINS MONTH! Closing Ceremony




Batman & Robin 23.1 (Two Face): NBC Rating – Great 50%

Flash 23.1 (Grodd): NBC Rating – Great 66.67%

Green Arrow 23.1 (Count Vertigo): NBC Rating – Great 57.14%

Justice League of America 7.1 (Deadshot): NBC Rating – Great 75%


Earth 2 15.1 (Desaad): NBC Rating – Great 25%

Green Lantern 23.1 (Relic): NBC Rating – Great 37.5%

Action Comics 23.1 (Cyborg Superman): NBC Rating – Good 57.14%

Detective Comics 23.1 (Poison Ivy): NBC Rating – Good 75%

Justice League 23.1 (Darksied): NBC Rating – Good 77.78%

Superman 23.1 (Bizzarro): NBC Rating – Good 60%


Batman 23.1 (Joker): NBC Rating – Poor 50%

Batman: The Dark Knight 23.1 (Ventriloquist): NBC Rating – Fair 66.67%

Justice League Dark 23.1 (Creeper): NBC Rating – Fair 66.67%

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DRAWING LINES! Week in Review 9/25/13


nbcOne month of writing about awesome comics and posting comments about shitty comics. I gotta say this month has been so much fun for me personally and as a comic fan thanks to this little website that keeps growing in hits and views every day (word on the street is that a certain DC Comics Artist posted a link to NBC on his Facebook page and called us “Awesome!” True story) . I love coming here and spewing my wisdom to you and also love trading snarky remarks in the comments with everyone as well. You out there have made NBC’s first month a successful one and we would definitely not be here without you, so once again, from the bottom of my foul mouthed heart, thank you! I’ll take this moment to apologize to you for the shortness of this weeks drawing lines, this weekend is super busy for me (I play a rock-star part time when I’m not posting about comic books and had to gear up to melt faces at the show tonight – so I’m writing this on the fly), now then, let’s get to those sweet, sweet bullet-points.

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THE GHOST BOX! Quick Shot Reviews

JUL138041DSUPERMAN #23.4 (PARASITE): This ranks up there as one of the best Villains Months issues yet – and who would have figured that artist Arron Kuder, whose work I’ve always enjoyed and championed in past reviews, could also deliver a solid script and put other Villains Months writers to shame (I mean have you read Joker’s Daughter by Ann Nocenti? Holy mother of god that may go down has the worst reviewed comic in the history of comics). Kuder makes the most of his first time out as a writer and gives us solid characterization of Joshua Michael Allan, a bike messenger that has had enough of living in Metropolis. Being attacked by “the monster of the week” is just one of the many incidents in Allen’s life that causes him to hit bottom and seek cash from being a medical experiment. And yeah, you guessed it, the experiment doesn’t go so well. Favorite moment of the issue: I picked in for my Freeze Frame of the week, the moment after Joshua becomes Parasite and looks at himself in the mirror for the first time. Damn good stuff here. WRITING: GOOD / ART: EXCELLENT

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STAFF REVIEW! Sex Criminals #1

Sex Criminals #1First issues are always a bitch. I don’t envy comic book writers in this regard, first impressions and whatnot – a book can succeed or fail from just that first issue and bad word of mouth, even though the story that writer is telling gets better in issue 4, its too late, we are gone. We have left the comic on the stands and moved on. You gotta hit us with your best shot right out of the gate to make us take notice. Hit us in the right spot.

Sex Criminals #1 does just that. Fraction gives us his best shot and scores big time in this first issue. It was fantastic.

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MYTHIC STRUCTURE! Classic Comic Arcs: “Swamp Thing”

In this series of articles we will take a classic comic book arc and break it down issue by issue, getting to the root of just what made it great.

In this episode of Mythic Structure:
Swamp Thing –  The Uncle Arcane Saga
Issues #27 through Swamp Thing Annual #2, 1984-85

swamp-thing_new_jpg_300x1000_q85Last week we were treated to a stellar DC Comics Villains Month issue in the form of Swamp Thing 23.1 Arcane. In a slew of sub-par one shots, this villain issue delivered the goods – an entertaining story told within the continuity of the series and what has come before it. It also didn’t hurt that the art work was stunning and truly grotesque –  and when you are dealing with a despicable character like Anton Arcane the grosser the better. The mark of a great character is its longevity – and believe it or not Anton Arcane has been around for close to 40 years, but if we are completely honest it really wasn’t until Alan Moore got his silver ringed fingers on the evil uncle that he became the stuff of nightmares. Moore instilled in Arcane what it took for this character to stand the test of time. Lets take a trip back to when Anton Arcane first crawled his way from the dark pit and into our four colored world.