This Week’s Finest: Plutona #1

671423_9b40cdd167ea548ca10d44d9ca3e1ba0d4aef8e5By Jeff Lemire, Emi Lenox and Jordie Bellaire

This probably doesn’t surprise my fellow NBC! staff members or frequent readers, but this week’s finest goes to an Image #1 with Jeff Lemire’s name on the cover. Jeff Lemire is absolutely brilliant at a few things and they are all things that make a #1 issue stand out. Lemire has a seemingly effortless talent to make the reader feel like they are a part of the story, especially in his first issues. The most recent works that come to mind are Descender, Trillium, Sweet Tooth and Underwater Welder. What all these stories have in common are impeccable world building and compelling characters. Lemire can create not just interesting characters that I want to spend more time with, but characters that I already care about. Plutona is a book where the characters drive the story in a familiar yet unknown world. Lemire frames the perfect door to this interesting world, all you have to do is walk through.

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This Week’s Finest: Kaptara #4

669084_653b96b2975df78e68c632f08cacd602c2a85ad0By Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod

I bet everyone thought I was going to pick We Stand On Guard #2 for the finest book of the week just because they mention Winnipeg, Manitoba in the book. Well, you are all wrong. I am no sellout. Only the best book of the week is worthy enough to get my praise. No gimmicks or silly name drops are going to win me over, better luck getting my vote next time American born Brain K Vaughan. Instead I have picked Kaptara, a book with no gimmicks, only dynamic writing and beautiful art from a comic creative team that call the best country in the world home. They are the Canadian super talent of Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod. Kaptara is the best book that touched my fingers today and the only book that has my spit on it (more about this later…or maybe I’ll just leave it at that). Speaking of BKV, Kaptara has been called the “Gay Saga” by Zdarsky himself, and as we all know “gay” is the new “child sex slave saved by bounty hunter”. So you better watch out Brian, you may have won your last Eisner. Gay Saga is bending you over. Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Kaptara #4

Advanced Review of The Disciples #2

Disciples_2By Steve Niles and Christopher Mitten

Each issue of The Disciples does not have it’s own chapter title. If I was given the job of issue titler, titlist, titlee, guy who comes up with the title (just because there isn’t a word for it doesn’t mean it isn’t a real job), I would title issue #1 “The Mission” and issue #2 “Who…Wha…Huh…Fuck…” It is in issue #2 where things really get bad for our characters, which makes things more enjoyable for me, the reader. Issue #1 was a perfect construction of a sci-fi horror introduction. A slow moving issue with just the right amount of confusion to stir up our intrigue and just the right amount of character development to turn that intrigue into immersion. Sci-Fi is a genre that I have a hard time defining. If you remember back to our Image March Madness Bracket we had two Sci-Fi divisions (Whimsy Sci-Fi and Nihilist Sci-Fi) and one division (Kitchen Sink) which was basically Sci-Fi books we can’t find a way to group together. Different sub genres of Sci-Fi need different attributes to be enjoyable. Sci-Fi horror books do not need the same attributes as dystopian future Sci-Fi books, or even science heavy Sci-Fi books. There does not have to be as many fancy gadgets, or social parallels. A Sci-Fi horror book requires confusion, mystery and terror to be interesting and The Disciples issue #2 hits all these beats hard. Continue reading Advanced Review of The Disciples #2

This Week’s Finest: Black Science #16

4671071-black-scienceBy Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera

“Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment. Would you capture it, or just let it slip?” It is not often I will quote Eminem, but this opening line from his song “Lose Yourself” released in 2002 is applicable to this week’s finest, Black Science #16. This is it.  The last handful of issues have been leading up to these final moments. The moments right before the pillar will be making it’s final jump. Ideally everyone gets home safe and sound, but seeing as Black Science probably doesn’t end with issue #16, I’m going to guess something else happens. Each character is faced with their own “one shot” to seize what they want. Unfortunately for the team, no one wants the same thing.

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The Disciples #1 Gains a Follower

cTomorrow another Black Mask #1 hits the stands. Like most new Black Mask books, it is unlike any other title this publisher prints. The Disciples pins together the collaborative genius of Steven Niles and Christopher Mitten, who have worked together on major projects such as 30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre. They join forces once again, this time with Mitten on the illustrations, to create a sci-fi horror that will make your skin crawl.

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This Week’s Finest: Deadly Class #13

STK671547By Rick Remender and Wes Craig

Spoilers ahead. Sorry, I just can’t do it without.

Deadly Class kicks deadly ass. If you aren’t reading this book, Alex, then you should probably consider, Alex, catching up, Alex, so that you do not miss any more of this fantastic experience, Alex. Issue #12 was my favourite issue when it came out last month and this week, issue #13 is even better. There were so many great books today. In total I read 26 different comic books. With a stack of “contenders” piling up I reached Deadly Class. Upon completion I put that stack of “contenders” back in their box because as soon as I finished Deadly Class I knew. It wasn’t just great, it was special.

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Advanced Review of Archie Vs Predator #2

28402By Alex de Campi and Fernando Ruiz

Think back. Can you remember a time before you mixed bacon with ice-cream? You probably thought, “Eww. Those two don’t mix. I am not at all interested in that.” Well, do you remember that one time you did try it and it was the greatest thing your lips have ever touched? It was something you didn’t even know you wanted and now that you have the taste it is all you want. What? You have never tried bacon with ice-cream…strange. Archie vs Predator is my bacon with ice-cream. This is a book I didn’t know I wanted. I mean, I have fantasized multiple scenarios in which the whole Archie gang would meet their campy end. However, I was not aware until Archie Vs Predator that watching this gang be ripped apart by a Predator is exactly what I wanted. If you have not left your computer to start making bacon and ice-cream, then read on. No spoilers ahead.

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This Week’s Finest: Batman #40

STK6656001-720x1107by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

For a guy who claims to not read DC books, I sure do pick a lot of them for Week’s Finest. Before I sat down to read my weekly stack I had no idea what was going to be the week’s finest. I could have just asked Patrick, because I’m sure he knew as soon as the solicitations were out that I would pick Batman. I could have really saved some time if I just consulted with him before hand. I did not know before I read Batman that it would be week’s finest, but I sure as hell knew after it was going to be. When I finish turning the last page of a book and I get up and start rummaging through my short boxes to pull out all pertaining previous issues, there is a pretty good chance that is going to be the week’s finest. So before I get into it let me warn you there are spoilers ahead. And I mean like the most spoiled of spoilers. Picture a banana that has been left on the counter so long that it has not only turned brown but actually begun to ooze out the sides. That is this review. There is no way to try and process what happened without spoilers, so if you haven’t read this issue yet then trust me it is awesome and go buy it now, then come back here and join in the intelligent conversation that is about to transpire.

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Review From The Future: Past Aways #2

STK668376-600x904By Matt Kindt and Scott Kolins

This review will be written on April 29th, 2015. Today, I stumbled across a time tear and this review fell out. Surprisingly, it contains no spoilersso don’t hesitate to have a read. What is the worst that could happen…

(famous last words)

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