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Freeze Frame 12/09/16

From Island #13 by Jack Cole

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Freeze Frame 8/7/2015

From This Dammed Band #1 by Tony Parket
From This Dammed Band #1 by Tony Parker

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (8/5/15)




Tyler’s Recommendations: 
8House: Arclight #2
“You may already know that some of us here at NBC! love the work of Brandon Graham. With8House: Arclight, Marion Churchland joins Graham to tell the first story in a series of comics taking place in the same fantastical world. If you enjoy fantasy and adventure stories, you should give this book a try. Full of gorgeous artwork, mysterious characters, and magical beings; from the creative mind behind the reimagined Prophet, 8House: Arclight deserves place on your pull list.”

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Freeze Frame 7/3/2015

From Action Comics #42 by Aaron Kuder
From Action Comics #42 by Aaron Kuder

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The Red Bee Asks Brandon Graham about 8House: Arclight

At Nothing But Comics, we’re big fans of creator Brandon Graham.  Graham’s comics are some of our favorites, such as King City, Multiple Warheads, and Prophet.   So when we learned that Graham was writing the Image Comics series 8House: Arclight, with art by Marian Churchland, we were eager to learn more about the comic.

So we dispatched superhero the Red Bee to ask Graham about the new series.

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Review of 8House: Archlight #1

8House Archlight 1by Brandon Graham & Marian Churchland

In his first new creator owned series in years, writer Brandon Graham shows a new level of maturity and style on the debut issue of his and Marian Churchland’s 8House: Archlight. Pitched over a year ago as his attempt at creating a shared universe, 8House has all the uniquely creative hallmarks of Graham’s work, but it’s more measured and subtle then what he did on books like Multiple Warheads or King City, and that’s reflected in the series striking opening salvo.

While Graham has been staunchly against traditional work for hire comics from Marvel & DC, he’s been one of the few emerging talents from Image comics over the last five years that got noticed from doing work for hire with the publisher on the legacy title Prophet. While it’s well established that Prophet was far from your typical work for hire comic, the difference in Graham’s style on Prophet from his past creator owned work is striking. While his earlier comics were fast paced, loose and all over the place, Prophet was slow and lived in. You can see his time on Prophet all over the 8House DNA, the way it builds out on a fraction of the world and zero’s in on the details, the slow burn character building, the way the universe’s rules & parameters slowly establish themselves, it all works to build in it’s mystery while revealing just enough to engage it’s audience. It always feels as if Graham has an unlimited flow of unique and creative ideas and even just scratching the surface in the books first issue makes for a wholly unique and fantastic experience. On art, Graham’s longtime girlfriend Marian Churchland creates a beautifully epic visual narrative that has a tinge of classical renascence style to it’s line work and aesthetic. It brings a more refined & elegant feeling to the book with it’s lushness of movement and detail. As much as I give Graham’s evolution on Prophet credit for the books tone, Churchland’s style may have as much influence if not more on that shift. There is an air of casual sophistication & refinement in her work that elevates the comic and gives it a dreamlike feeling.

If you were like me, you had no idea what to expect from 8House, from the moment it was first described, it was impossible to really decipher what this book would be about. And in truth, that is still largely a mystery. But what Graham & Churchland do manage to show with 8House is pretty extraordinary in it’s minimalism. It’s just enough to make the whole experience feel worth and just enough to make you crave more.