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Riverdale Pilot Review


The CW adds another comic show to its lineup, starring broody teens in an overcast setting doing sexy things, because they’re teenagers. Based on the classic Archie Comics characters, Riverdale represents an audacious attempt at making Archie Andrews and his gang “hip”. But does it work?  Continue reading Riverdale Pilot Review

Podcast Episode Thirty Seven

image Where Pat shares about his discovery that his mom listens to the podcast, Dean joins Pat’s fantasy football league, the guys love Afterlife With Archie, Saga, Han Solo & East of West, Alex and Dean make a case for Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Alien while Alex and Pat vehemently argue over This Weeks Finest pick Suicide Squad War Crimes

Freeze Frame 9/2/2016

From Spider Gwen #11 by Robbie Rodriguez & Lauren Affe
From Spider Gwen #11 by Robbie Rodriguez & Lauren Affe

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Freeze Frame 5/27/2016

From DC Universe Rebirth #1 by Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Brad Anderson & Jason Wright
From DC Universe Rebirth #1 by Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Brad Anderson & Jason Wright

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Indubitable Issues & Pull Lists (5/23/2016)





Tyler’s Recommendations……..

665533_8fca14a9f1e1714d6f89b0e46ba4f5f47bdb9b46Afterlife With Archie #9

Afterlife with Archie #9, “It’s finally back! As with Sabrina last week, the folks at Archie Comics are gracing us with another long delayed gem. I hope this signals that things are back on track and we can expect these books with some regularity, because they are some very good comics Continue reading Indubitable Issues & Pull Lists (5/23/2016)

2015 Harvey Award Nominations

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Freeze Frame 5/8/2015

From We Can Never Go Home #2 by Joshua Hood
From We Can Never Go Home #2 by Joshua Hood.

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Review of Afterlife with Archie #6


The Afterlife with Archie series puts the iconic teen humor characters of Riverdale in a horror story.  Early in the series, teenage witch Sabrina uses the forbidden magic found in the dark tome The Necronomicon to bring Jughead’s dog Hot Dog back to life with tragic consequences – a zombie plague is unleashed upon Riverdale.  For her folly, Sabrina is punished and banished by her aunts  to a magical purgatory where she is unable to help her friends deal with the zombies that she unleashed.

Issue six explores where Sabrina has been while her Riverdale friends have been fighting for their lives.  Sabrina finds herself in an asylum for young people, where her psychiatrist, Dr. Lovecraft, helps her to cope with her apparent delusions of being a teenage witch.  Sabrina questions what is real and what is nightmare as she interacts with her fellow patients, and discovers that Dr. Lovecraft’s plans for her are not as noble as he claims.

Writer Robert Aguirre-Sacasa and artist Francesco Francavilla craft a horror tale that is chilling.  The story is poignant; the creative team establishes Sabrina as a vulnerable but strong teenage girl that readers care about (even if they have never read any Sabrina the Teenage Witch comics) and builds a tense story with a chilling conclusion.

Afterlife with Archie #6 is an accessible horror story that will unnerve both new and veteran readers.