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This Year’s Finest 2016: TV Convo


2016 brought an increasing number of comic based programs to television. Josh joins me in discussing a large cross-section of what both worked and did not these past twelve months.

Cosmo: This year, the DC/CW brand continued its bold expansion, launching one new series (Legends of Tomorrow) and annexing a another (Supergirl). Before we get to those, and the Arrowverse’s namesake, let’s begin with what I feel remains the most consistently successful of the CW shows: Flash.

Josh how are you feeling about the series?

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This Year’s Finest 2015: Comic Convo TV

Thought that there were a fair amount of comic book based TV series last year? Well, this year there were even more. So, let’s dive right in and revisit what excelled and what was meh in home viewing in 2015  . . .

Daredevil Fisk paintingCosmo: So, I was thinking that we should start with Marvel’s pair of Netflix series as they were the most high-profile comic book TV projects of the year. As I stated in my reviews, I feel that Daredevil & Jessica Jones both really raised the bar on what a superhero series could be. They were among the best TV of any kind  I saw in 2015.

Josh:I have to agree, and not just because Game of Thrones was so-so and Fargo Season 2 has been a slow-burner.

Marvel’s Netflix is shaping up to be the dramatic counterpoint/compliment to their films.
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Episode Three — News-y Bits #1

Alex and Patrick are well-rested and ready to rock with their first ever news segment. Those of you looking for shorter shows, well, keep looking because this one is a doozy. From DC television shows to Star Wars to rappers by the name of Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, they run the gamut. Stick around to hear their recommendations for awesome entertainment they are currently digging.

Run Time: 2:03:09

(Shameless plug: Check out Cerealmilkpodcast.wordpress.com for Alex’s other podcast he runs with his wife Sarah.)


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