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Riverdale #1 Review


By Various

Plotted by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, four different teams craft solo stories for the four leads of the CW’s new hit series Riverdale. Does it live up to the hype? Continue reading Riverdale #1 Review

A Black Hat Review Adventure (Part Three) – The Shadow One Shot 2014: Agents of the Shadow

Shadow 2014 One Shot

(NOTE: This is the third part of a review pulp novel.  You can read the first part here and the second part here.) 

BH3Chapter 7:  Winded

The impact of hitting the wall had knocked the breath out of the Black Hat.  He felt dizzy and struggled to get up from the hard pavement.  He was relieved to find his hat and pistols nearby, and quickly reclaimed them.

“Tonight the city will lose its champion,” screeched the Astrologer.  “I have seen it in the stars!”

With a snap of his fingers, the Astrologer directed his robot to dispatch the Black Hat.  The robot moved in for the kill.  The Black Hat fired his .45 pistols at the oncoming monster.

The Black Hat took deep breaths and made deadly shots.  He remembered his martial arts training in the lost Tibetan city of Mahananagar. He remembered lovely, innocent Joyce, and how happy he was before he lost her in the Great War.

And he remembered reading The Shadow One Shot 2014:  Agents of the Shadow.

Chapter 8:  Thinking about The Shadow One Shot 2014: Agents of the Shadow

The comic is written by Michael Moreci, with illustrations by the team of Anthony Marques, Moritat, and Dev MadanAndre Szymanowicz provides colors.  In the story, a new, unknown criminal leader has taken control of the city’s gangs.  The Shadow attempts to stop the villain, but is apparently killed in an explosion.  The Shadow’s agents, who have previously depended on their leader to deliver justice, are forced to work on their own to bring down the mysterious villain.

Readers unfamiliar with the Shadow’s pulp adventures might be slightly confused about the identities and roles of the various characters like Margo Lane and Shrevvy, but Moreci’s story educates new readers quickly and delivers an exciting adventure.

The art team is fantastic.  Marques, Moritat, Madan, and Szymanowicz render the pulp world of the Shadow in a slightly cartoonish style that nicely establishes the characters, period, and action of the story.  The art for The Shadow One Shot 2014:  Agents of the Shadow is beautiful to look at, and the story is highly entertaining.

Chapter 9: Coup de Grâce

The Black Hat’s shots had their effect.  Dark fluid poured forth from the robot, and the robot’s motions became awkward.  The robot soon stopped moving.

The Astrologer screamed in anger and ran toward his automaton, cursing as he pulled out wires and transistors from his creation.  The Black Hat moved closer to confront the villain, but a sudden explosion knocked him off his feet.

Getting up from the pavement, he could smell the burning metal of the robot and feel the intense heat from the fire in front of him.  At his feet was a singed hat that presumably belonged to the Astrologer, but there was no sign of his foe.  The Black Hat could see no body, and was unsure whether his enemy had been killed in the explosion, but for the sake of his city he hoped that the Astrologer was indeed dead.

The Black Hat heard the sound of approaching police sirens, and knew that he must head back to the mansion.  Azu would have healing herbs ready for him.  And a big stack of comics.

The End