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Podcast Episode Fifty Part Two

swamp_thing_035_01-231 Part two of our top fifty runs of all time podcast going from 25 to 1 featuring discussions on The Flash by Carmine Infantino, Brian K Vaughan & Pia Guerra’s Y The Last Man, Nick Fury by Jim Steranko, Animal Man by Grant Morrison, Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Spiderman by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko, The Fantastic Four by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby and more. Click below for the rankings Continue reading Podcast Episode Fifty Part Two

Freeze Frame 3/19/2014

So good to be back-Pat
by Chris Samnee from Daredevil #1

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Indubitable Issues




Dean suggest buying twilight, burning it and then buying a real vampire book…
American Vampire Second Cycle #1American Vampire Second Cycle #1
I can guarantee this will be tons of fun.  Jump into the title that took Snyder to super star status.  Now the man at the top of his game reunites with the always wonderful Rafael Albuquerque to bring you a different breed of Vampire.
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Freeze Frame 2/18/2014

by Tyler Jenkins from Peter Panzerfaust #17

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Freeze Frame: The Weeks Best Moments for 1/22/2013

This is pure and raw awesome power of imagination-Pat
by Rafeal Albuquerque from Animal Man #27

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Singularly Exceptional: Best Single Issues of 2013

Another week of December, another best of 2013 list. Today, I shall be reviewing some of the most memorable single issues of the year. The criteria for selection is an issue, whether part of a larger narrative or simply a self-contained tale, that impacted me the most these twelve months. These are not necessarily the best overall stories; some outstanding arcs from 2013 are unrepresented because there was no specific issue that stood out from the others. So, with that in mind, I present a list of 15. First place is a tie between two thematically overlapping choices; the remainder are listed in alphabetical order.

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Uncovering 2013: The Year’s Best Covers

Comics, like film, are in their essence a visual medium, and one of the purest examples of this are the covers which grace each issue. They announce to us what expect from a given title, evoking the tone and mood of the story within. They sometimes form our first impression of a series, inspiring us to pick up something from the shelves that we wouldn’t have considered otherwise. In other words, they play a vital part in our experience of comics.

So, for my post today, I have compiled a list of the covers which stood out for me as the best of 2013. I have separated them into two groups: a top tier of ten, followed by a second set of runners-up. Within each grouping the titles are arranged alphabetically. I’ll admit that narrowing down this list was not as easy I thought it would be. Even with 20 entries, it could have easily run longer. At the end of the day, however, having too much outstanding art to pick from is never a problem, but something to be savored.   

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PULL LIST PLAY LIST! Ghostmann Edition

Sound-waves-twitter-backgrounds-sound-waves-twitter-themesTo me, reading comics is a singular experience – I don’t like any outside forces coming into play while I’m immersed in my funny books – with one exception, music. Music plays a huge part in my life, more then comics! (I know that’s borderline blasphemy here) So I allow the stereo to play on Wednesdays. The right song can enhance the comic reading beyond what you thought it could.

Why not join me. Even if you’ve already read them, get out your copies of the comics I’ve listed here and hit the play buttons at the right time then start reading. Trust me, the experience you will have will fucking BLOW your mind. Ready? Good.

Here are the songs that filled the space between the panels….

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