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Uncover The Best Covers 12/14/2017

From Gravetrancers #1 by James Michael Whynot

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Freeze Frame 3/18/2016

From ODY-C #10 by Christian Ward

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Review of Turncoat #1

344600._SX640_QL80_TTD_by Alex Paknadel, Artyom Trakhanov & Jason Wordie

Alex Paknadel returns with his second series at Boom! in Turncoat & like Arcadia, it is full of imaginative futurism and deeply affecting humanity.

Turncoat is full of big ideas; aliens invaded the earth and took over the planet for an extended period of time, some human’s joined them, others rebelled, the aliens leave and five years later, humanity is still dealing with the fallout. The book follows the character Marta, a disaffected private eye that was a police officer for the alien establishment before switching sides to humanities rebellion right as they were about to overthrow their alien overlords. Marta takes on a case at the beginning of the issue and nothing is what it seems. Paknadel blends shades of noir with hard core science fiction while using the setting as a metaphor on the difficulties of post-war reconstruction. His dialogue is whip smart and his character’s are deceptively complex while evoking more working class persona’s. Paknadel’s writing feel’s looser then it did on Arcadia and I have a feeling a lot of that has to with the work of artist Artyom Trakhanov and colorist Jason Wordie. Last seen on the excellent Undertow miniseries, Trakhanov has a fun, weirdo cartoon’s on acid in hyper detail style that he works to stunning results in the pages. Similar to Simon Roy’s style in Prophet, the illustrations matched with Wordie’s colors are messy, but in a way that forms into a richly detailed and totally singular visual narrative. Trakhanov & Wordie have a distinctive talent that’s a joy to intake with Paknadel’s complex story.
Like Arcadia, writer Alex Paknadel has created another stunningly complex world for readers to explore within the pages of the series and deconstruct as the series progresses. Yet, by teaming up with a radically different art team from Arcadia in Trakhanov & Wordie, Turncoat is a comic all it’s own and unlike anything else; where Paknadel, Trakhanov & Wordie continue to take steps forward in their creative development and prove that they are each a talent to recognize with a story that nobody else could tell.