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Convergence Superboy & the LOSH #2 Review

  cby Stuart Moore, Peter Gross, Mark Farmer

Moore and Farmer continue a strong and more “mature” LOSH in their final Convergence tie-in.

Superboy is written like an actual teenager, and the Kents while still nurturing and kind also impart actual life lessons to him about making tough decisions in life. Some focus is given to the Atomic Knights, but not enough to form an emotional attachment.

Their world has been much further on the brink than the LOSH Earth, which makes them more desperate and determined to survive. With this being a DC story with a Silver Age bent, the LOSH and Atomic Knights decide to work together to save the Ak’s Earth, potentially condemning both to be destroyed by Telos.

Peter Gross provides layouts in this issue, smoothing out the art and making it more reminiscent of the 1980s LOSH comics. Farmer’s style is still visible, but Gross’ layouts give him more mainstream consistency. Overall, easily one of the best Legion stories that have been published in the last few years despite Convergence’s limitations. Moore and Farmer seem like natural handlers of the LOSH’s mythos and make feel interesting again whereas previous writers lacked magic in their portrayal. Hopefully we see them again in the future.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent.