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What else to say about Watchmen?


We live in a world where cinematic universes are in vogue, comic book shows are more prevalent than ever, and the Avengers roster are household names. We’ve even had a Watchmen adaptation, much as we might prefer to forget about it. It was as faithful as any movie adaptation could be, but seemed to lack the essence of the graphic novel’s themes. DC’s various prequel series, Before Watchmen, also seemed like a squandered opportunity if not one that was sacrilegious. Aside from two or three of the mini series, most were OK and the rest were flat out awful. It’s this legacy that pushed the property out of my mind since. Continue reading What else to say about Watchmen?

Drawing from the Well


When a company runs out of ideas, or pulled the trigger on too many bad ones, you can bet their best plan will be a blast to the past for a quick buck. “If something worked 20 years ago, it’ll work now.” “This used to be popular, so it might make some scratch right?” This is the thinking behind some of Hollywood’s worst decisions of late and it’s not stopping any time soon. Continue reading Drawing from the Well