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Uncover The Best Covers 11/30/2017

From X-Men Blue #16 by Arthur Adams

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Freeze Frame 3/27/2015

From Captain Victory & The Galactic Rangers #6 by Nathan Fox
From Captain Victory & The Galactic Rangers #6 by Nathan Fox

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Review of Gotham by Midnight #1

661025_284c4a4dcc14a987784348bd31b2d1884531e2edby Ray Fawkes & Ben Templesmith

DC Comics continues to revamp it’s Batman line of comics by introducing new and refreshing concepts to an old legacy character with the debut issue of Gotham By Midnight #1. In it we are shown Jimmy Corrigan, not yet revealed as and maybe never will be The Spectre, as a detective in a special paranormal crimes unit of the Gotham City Police Department. The premise itself is a kind of a genius concept that uses the Gotham Central coneit in a different direction while playing with the underused horror element that’s essential to Batman and anybody that exists within his peripheral. This is my first time reading writer Ray Fawkes of who I’ve heard mixed things about in the past but his writing here is strong overall. There is a pretty ham fisted piece of dialogue in the beginning where an internal affairs investigator that’s looking to shut down Corrigan’s special unit let’s the reader know that by literally saying “I’m here to shut down this unit” to one of Corrigan’s cohorts but other then that it does a good job of character and world building by establishing the players and environment in a way that feels natural and lived in while the plot builds an engaging and unique mystery, in effect establishing the tone and mission statement of the series without beating the reader over the head with it. Ben Templesmith’s unique art style helps in establishing the tone of the book as his trademark dark, dirty and hazy visual story telling is as raw and unsettling as ever. There is literally no one else doing what Templesmith does in comics with his sort of Bill Sienkiewicz colored over rough draft style. His art creates a very specific type of mood and it works seamlessly with the story being told within the book. This is the type of book that Fawkes Constantine should have been and you get the feeling that a couple years ago there would have been no chance of something this interesting, off beat and weird coming out of DC’s superhero comics but as the precedent has shifted we are seeing more and more Bat related books coming out the gate with a fresh and exciting take on the characters and DC Universe. Gotham By Midnight is another strong entry into that group that effortlessly establishes it’s purposes and perspective to great results.