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Freeze Frame 2/17/2018

From Sideways #1 by Kenneth Roccafort & Daniel Brown

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A New Generation of Heroines

Faith 1 Kevin Wada
Kevin Wada

Back in January Valiant launched a new solo min-series for Faith Herbert, aka Zephyr. This was great news for those of us who have been happily following her adventures ever since Joshua Dysart reintroduced her to readers in the pages of his Harbinger series. Two weeks ago, Valiant announced that demand for Faith had proven so strong that not only would her story be continuing, but it would be upgraded from a sequel mini to a new ongoing title. This is no small accomplishment, as Faith will be the first ongoing female solo title published by the current iteration of Valiant. As such, the new series, which will retain writer Jody Houser, represents another successful step forward for diversity in comics. However, it also points to another trend that has been occurring recently: a shift in the tone of storytelling. Ever since Alan Moore asked “Who Watches the Watchmen?” and Frank Miller pondered the last act of The Dark Knight’s career, the medium has been dominated by the grim and gritty archetype. At its height in the 90s, the prominence of such figures somehow achieved self-parody (cough, Az-Bats, cough) without losing their popularity. To this day, a new creative team’s pledge to “strip our hero down to nothing and see what makes him (or her) tick” is frequently cited as a fresh approach to counter lackluster storytelling. It’s not. Which does not mean that it cannot work, only that there is nothing groundbreaking about it. Instead, a new generation of heroines, including Zephyr, are helping redefine superheroes for a new generation of readers.

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Indubitable Issues




Reed has deja vu…
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Review of Translucid #1

TRANSLUCID 1Translucid is a story about the dysfunctional relationship between a superhero and his supervillain. The supervillain The Horse is released from prison, and is disappointed that his nemesis – the costumed crime-fighter The Navigator – has been neglecting his duties as the city’s protector while The Horse has been away. The Horse recruits a team of supervillains to create an elaborate challenge for The Navigator in order to determine where the hero’s heart lies. Is The Navigator a true hero, or a man fixated on conflict with his nemesis? Writers Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert explore the archenemy dynamic between superheroes and supervillains in an original, engaging story. The writers neatly establish the characters and premise, and The Horse shines in the first issue as a charismatic character that keeps the reader guessing. Artist Daniel Bayliss’ stylized visuals are perfect for the story, giving the comic an almost surreal quality. Bayliss’ choice of colors creates a dim, grey world that only brightens when The Horse makes his move against The Navigator, a nice visual metaphor for The Navigator’s feelings towards his archenemy. The first issue of Translucid from Boom! Studios sets up an interesting premise and promises a superhero/supervillain conflict like no other.