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Freeze Frame 9/1/2017

From Image+ Volume 2 #1 by Wesley Craig & Niko Guardia

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Freeze Frame 7/22/2016

From Island #9
From Island #9 by F Choo

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Nothing But Comics is about to hit our two year mark and in observance of the site’s anniversary, every Tuesday from now until we finish, one of our staff members will list off their favorite series, runs or issues of all time. This week it’s Tyler


Indubitable Issues and Pull List (7/15/15)




 Josh’s Recommendations:
Island #1
PRETTY DEADLY artist EMMA RIOS and KING CITY, PROPHET, and MULTIPLE WARHEADS writer/artist BRANDON GRAHAM bring you a new ONGOING COMICS MAGAZINE. Each issue holds three issue-length chapters of new work from various creators around the globe. PRINTED OVER-SIZED WITH NO ADS!
“Image creators running wild on an over-sized anthology? Why haven’t we begged for this before? This sounds like the best $7.99 you could spend this year on comics.”

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The Mignolaverse: A Collective of Amazing Artists

          Hellboy20yearsWelcome friends, this week at The Banana Stand I would like to discuss the roster of talented artists that have worked in the Mignolaverse, and why I think it’s an amazing achievement in modern comics.  For those not in the know, the Mignolaverse is comprised of Hellboy, BPRD, Lobster Johnson, Baltimore, Witchfinder, Sledgehammer 44′, and Abe Sapien.  The umbrella term “Mignolaverse” was coined to refer to the books Mignola himself has created.  They all exist in a shared universe with the exception of Baltimore, that is a creation of Mignola and author Christopher Golden, and exists in it’s own world.  In my opinion this universe rivals any other in comics, and is one of–if not THE–greatest accomplishments in the post-Silver Age era of comic books.  The ability of Mignola, editor Scott Allie, and everyone else involved in this corner of comics to coordinate such a feat is a marvelous thing.  Continue reading The Mignolaverse: A Collective of Amazing Artists

Banana Stand Special: BPRD #118

 So this week I’ve decided to do a more in-depth review for The Banana Stand.  I’m a huge fan of the BPRD books, and the Mignolaverse in general, so I thought this was good book to start with.

21532          Overview: Issue #118 is the penultimate issue in “The Reign of the Black Flame” storyline, and it has been one of the best all-around BPRD arcs in the series as a whole.  For starters we get more James Harren artwork–which is just fantastic–but we’re also getting an exciting culmination of the last year or so of stories.  Everything has been leading to this, basically since the Russia arc, and Arcudi, Mignola, and Co. have delivered in spades.  New York City has gone to shit, and it’s up to the Bureau and it’s Russian counterpart to save the day and keep the entire world from being overrun with monsters.  We get great character moments with Iosif, Johann, and Fenix; as well as a showcase of how badass Liz Sherman can really be.  This issue does a fantastic job of being completely gripping, while setting things up for the ultimate reckoning next issue.  So now I’m going to dive into some specifics, if you haven’t read the issue or are trade waiting–what’s wrong with you!–fair warning, ****THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD***** Continue reading Banana Stand Special: BPRD #118

Hess House Best of Intellectual Property 2013

I freaking love comics. So many comics. Too many to put in one single list. We all like different things. Some of us like big two comics. Other’s may prefer large publisher creator owned work while other’s dig the small press. I like all of that. I’ll cover my favorites from the different corners of comic book publishing over the month of December. 

For this week I’ll be covering Intellectual Property from outside DC and Marvel

images (3)

Being a publisher that doesn’t feature The Avengers or Batman is a tough sell. Engaging your audience with characters that exist outside of the mainline of traditional superhero’s can be an uphill battles. One way for companies to stay afloat or even thrive is to use intellectual property with a name recognition that keep’s the orders coming in and the lights on. It’s much easier to sell whoever your buyer is on a name with some kind of proven track record in pop culture then what can feel like a hit or miss investment on new creator  owned properties. This list is an approximation for all the non Marvel or DC mainline intellectual property comics that transcend what can appear as a blatant cash grab for excellent comic book product. Honorable mention to Valliant titles Archer and Armstrong, Eternal Warrior XO Manawar and Unity that just barely missed the cut mostly because I just started reading a lot of that in the last six months, Brian Wood’s excellent Star Wars ongoing, Layman’s and Sam Keith’s Alien series that was orginally printed in Dark Horse Presents before being collected in hardcover format, Joe Hill’s new mini series The Wraith and Howard Chaykin’s super fun PoliSciFi take on Buck Rogers Now on to the list

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